Female Trump Supporters Go Viral as they Cancel their Nordstrom Accounts

This should put retailers across the country on notice. As the liberal media and the leftist coastal elites continue their war on Trump, it will only drive the President’s approval rating higher while also pushing his supporters to be more proactive in their support.

What does that mean?

Republicans in general, and conservatives specifically, are often reticent to use their combined might to negatively impact others. We do boycott businesses when they choose to attack our rights directly (as with gun bans, or oppression of Christians) but we don’t generally bother when a CEO or a businessman is just expressing their political beliefs. However, as President Trump and his family continue to face unfair harassment from a combined media/liberal offensive, expect conservative leaning Americans to begin fighting back for their President.

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It’s already begun in some corners of the country as conservatives abandoned Target months ago in protest of their transgender bathroom policy. More recently, Starbucks has begun to feel the heat as conservatives have stopped shopping in their stores and instead begun spending money at coffee retailers that support our veterans. And now, it’s moving into the retail space as conservative women begin boycotting the businesses that have decided to boycott the Trump family.

A recent video shows a snapshot of something that is happening across the nation as thousands of women begin refusing to shop at anti-Trump businesses.

Make no mistake folks, if liberal businesses want to continue their widespread attack on the President, the GOP, and our nation… conservatives will happily spend our dollars elsewhere.


H/T Wayne Dupree


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