Female Jogger Assaulted In Ladies’ Restroom, Attacker Had Long Criminal Record


A female jogger is lucky to be walking away from an egregious attack in a ladies’ restroom in a Seattle public park.

The attack occurred as 36 year old Kelly Herron was stopping for a quick restroom break on her job in the neighborhood park.  As she entered the women’s restroom, she was brutally attacked by Gary Steiner, a 40 year old Arizona man with a history of sexual assault.

“She began fighting back by scratching his face and punching him. ‘This doesn’t have to be a fair fight,’ she recalled thinking. ‘All those little things that I learned in my life … how to punch and everything came back to me,’ she recalled. ‘I started to feel like I was going to lose consciousness … but I got another surge of adrenaline, and I reached for the door and was able to get out.’

“She eventually escaped from Steiner. With the help of a passerby, she used a carabiner to lock her attacker in the bathroom. They called the police who arrested Steiner–still locked inside the ladies room.

“Police later learned Steiner has a long record of assaults on numerous women dating back to the 1990s, ABC reported. He is in jail pending a $750,000 bond on charges of attempted rape in the second degree and second-degree assault.”

The significance of Herron’s attack is gargantuan.  Steiner, a man, was laying in wait in the women’s restroom at this particular park…something that would normally be a cause for concern for eyewitnesses who may have seen Steiner enter.  Unfortunately, former President Barack Obama’s decree regarding gender fluidity in public school restrooms has made many Americans weary of reporting such disturbing behavior at all, regardless of location, due to their fear of retaliation.

Herron’s situation is exactly what conservatives in America feared while Obama was making his insane recommendations:  Men being allowed to enter a ladies’ restroom with no sensible questioning of his motives.


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