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Fellow Gangster Rapper Comes to Snoop Dogg’s Side, Defends Mock Assassination of Trump


After gangster rap has-been Snoop Dogg released his controversial “Lavender” video earlier this week, the nation has been up in arms over it’s despicable content.

The grotesque and disturbing video depicts Snoop himself pointing a toy gun at a facsimile of our President, named “Ronald Klump” in the video, and pulling the trigger.  The graphic depiction of the assassination of the President of the United States was enough to send many red-blooded Americans into a frenzy.  In the aftermath of the video’s release, other rappers took to defending Snoop Dogg, with one artist, Bow Wow, even going so far as to get into a Twitter spat with the President himself, threatening to enslave the First Lady into forced prostitution.

While Bow Wow is certainly not a huge name in the rap genre, veteran performing artist and actor Ice-T is.  What exactly did the Law and Order star think of Snoop’s latest video?  The answer may shock you.

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“Apparently, rapper Ice-T thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to have a music video depicting President Trump as a clown with a gun pointed to his head—but he argues he would have drawn the line if Obama was in Trump’s place.

“The rapper also acknowledged that Snoop Dogg ‘pushed the line’ even though ‘everybody knows’ pointing a gun at the president is illegal. He argued that the video is ‘artistic’ and that Snoop’s message is that ‘right now everybody’s a clown.’

“’I watched the video for the first, I was like, “I don’t know. You can’t point a gun at the president,”‘ he said. But apparently this “artistic expression” wouldn’t fly if the video featured Obama.'”

The hypocrisy of the left truly knows no bounds, as a man whose entire career began as he boasted of his own personal violent and illegal exploits now believes that a mock assassination of President Donald Trump is acceptable, but an identical depiction of the death of President Barack Obama would be in poor taste.

Give me a break.

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