Feds and Voting Security: Helping or Hijacking Attempt

In a classic telemarketing type move Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, is suggesting that state and local election officials call on the federal government to avoid possible cyber attacks he believes could impact the November presidential elections. Now to be fair, in the summer, cyber attacks in Illinois and Arizona did occur. Democrats on the House and Senate intelligence committees, pardon the oxymoron, blamed the Russian government for them. Basically, the Russian’s response was  “It wasn’t us you incompetent idiots”

The FBI ranked the “attack” an 8 out of 10 for significance. A total of ONE username and password had been stolen. Now maybe I am alone in this, but that’s like saying a kid with a sparkler is a fireworks extravaganza. The kid might think it’s awesome, however you’re probably not going  to draw a crowd of thousands to watch. Perhaps if the kid laughs like a hyena while wiggling his fancy stick and you film it, post it and tag some folks, you might get a few likes, but still — extravaganza is pushing it. But I digress.

According to CNN Politics: Cybersecurity experts say the prospect of “rigging” the election, and changing the outcome, is practically impossible.  It’s basically because most voting machines DON’T have an internet connection. Even if they did, they wouldn’t all be on the same server, networks or anything else the Geek Squad can tell you about.

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But since the Chicken Littles are still concerned, I have a brilliant solution that will not only insure NO Cyber Attacks, but will also create jobs.  Bring Back These Suckers:


NO way you are hacking that unless you have an axe, which probably still won’t damage it, AND no way one guy is carrying that sucker into the polling place-Instant Job Growth.

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