Feds Threaten Schools For Not Complying With This Ridiculous Rule

The Department of Agriculture will enforce fines on schools that don’t comply with Michelle Obama’s food rules.

Championed by Michelle Obama, the ironically-named Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 set food standards for the nation’s public schools. Rules include limits on sodium, sugar, white grains, and overall calories. The result has been anything but “healthy” and “hunger-free” kids.

Schools have reported an uptick in food waste ever since the standards were set in place. It’s not just that most kids don’t like healthful food. If the food that was served them were consistently of good quality, this probably wouldn’t be an issue. The main problem is that the food is consistently of poor quality, often old, and the portion sizes are tiny. And because salt is a no-no, the food doesn’t taste good.

Fruits and vegetables that are served to students are brown, and at times expired. The “meat” that is often served is of an unknown brown substance. No wonder students often liken the cafeteria food to “prison food.” And no wonder students throw out much of the food that they’re required to take.

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Michelle Obama’s food rules have led to a student black market for salt and sugar, and also to about 1.4 million students dropping out of the cafeteria line.

The feds and Michelle Obama are trying to turn the nation’s public schools into “hunger-free zones,” and it’s obviously not working. But instead of loosening up their rules – or getting rid of them altogether and just letting individual schools make their own rules – the Department of Agriculture will be imposing fines on schools that demonstrate “egregious or persistent disregard” for the food rules they’ve created. The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The government now seeks to make fines enforceable by regulation. Section 303 of the law requires that the federal government “establish criteria for the imposition of fines” for all the Department of Agriculture’s child food programs.

“Under section 303, the Secretary or a State agency may establish an assessment against any school food authority or school administering the Child Nutrition Programs if the Secretary or the State agency determines that the school or school food authority failed to correct severe mismanagement of any program, failed to correct repeated violations of program requirements, or disregarded a requirement of which they have been informed,” the proposed rule states.

Following an audit by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) of Michelle Obama’s food rules and their effect on schools, the GAO said that even though the rules weren’t going over too well with students for now, they would get used to it eventually.

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