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Federal Judge in Hawaii Rebukes Trump’s Travel Ban, Puts Nation in Danger


Donald Trump’s campaign promise of securing our nation’s borders has once again been stymied by a federal judge, this time in Hawaii.

As the rest of the world, and Europe in particular, suffers from an immense Middle Eastern refugee crisis that is spreading radical Islamic terrorism across borders unmolested, President Trump has twice attempted to temporarily halt the dangerous influx of migrants in order to install an “extreme vetting” program.  This program would be aimed at determining the motives and character of those wishing to seek asylum in America before being allowed to assimilate in order to mitigate the threat of ISIS’ proclaimed plan to sneak operatives into the U.S. via refugee resettlement programs.

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Now, another meddling federal judge in Hawaii has blocked the 2nd attempt by Trump to secure our borders, this time mere hours before it was intended to take effect.

“U.S. District Judge Derrick K. Watson froze the order on Wednesday after the state filed a lawsuit against the president’s revised order last week. The order, which temporarily bars the citizens of Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen from entering the United States for 90 days, was supposed to go into effect at midnight Wednesday.

“Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin said the new order was the same as the original, just ‘dressed up differently.’

“’Any time you have an executive order or some government decision that’s calling out people by their nation of origin or by religion, we’ve got to be a check against that,’ Chin said on March 9. ‘This order brings back memories for a lot of people here.’”

Watson’s pseudo-chastising of the President, and his nuanced nod to World War II’s Japanese internment camps, is completely out of line and is reinforcing the dangerous precedent set by another federal judge just weeks ago.

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