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Federal Forces Prepare for Radical Leftist Desecration of Gettysburg Graves

As the American political left continues to toil in the muck, finding ever more vile methods of anarchy, one newly uncovered scheme has federal authorities ready to flex their muscle.

There are many names for the violent and anarchic faction of liberals currently wreaking havoc on civil political discourse in our country.  While they are all truly New Fascists, the sects within that classification are somewhat hilarious:  The “resistance”, which is the soft-core, all-inclusive tag.  There’s the ironically named “Antifa” groups, who believe that they are fighting Trump’s implied fascism with their own true fascist tactics.  And then there is the New Civil War crowd, including assassination aficionados such as Kathy Griffin and GOP baseball shooter James T. Hodgkinson.

Make no mistake:  They are all quite similar, but, being liberals, they enjoy coming up with pedantic classifications for themselves.

The actions of these groups has been nothing short of disgraceful in recent months, with an overarching hatred for all things conservative.  From simple vandalism to attempted assassinations, the radical left has been increasingly despicable in their methods, and with Independence Day right around the corner, it seems as though that is not going to change.

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“The Park Service says it is keeping track of numerous possible indicators of trouble at the Battle of Gettysburg anniversary from July 1-3 – including reports that AntiFa may be planning to  damage memorials and even desecrate gravestones at the historic battleground where the Union turned the tide of war against the South in 1863.

“While there have been shouting matches between groups like the Sons of Confederate Veterans and anti-Confederate flag protesters at past Gettysburg anniversaries, authorities are keeping a close watch on AntiFa after several protests have devolved into physical violence this year across the country.

“When contacted by Fox News the United States Park Police said that they are treating the reports seriously and are working with several law enforcement agencies to ensure that if anyone chooses to exercise their free speech rights, they do so lawfully.

“’Reports of possible AntiFa activities in Gettysburg have been a part of our preparation and planning,’ said U.S. Park Police Sgt. Anna Rose. ‘Park staff have been coordinating with local law enforcement agencies including the Borough of Gettysburg, Cumberland Township, Pennsylvania State Police, the United States Park Police, and other National Park Service law enforcement specialists.’”

Leftists have long targeted Confederate symbols in their war against conservatives, equating the new southern trend toward the political right as synonymous with the Confederacy of the Civil War.

This has been due in large part to the propagandist education system of northern schools in the fallout from the War Between the States.  In the north, school children are still being indoctrinated into the false belief that the Civil War occurred due to the South’s evil love of slavery and the inherent racism that goes along with it.  In reality, of course, the war itself was fought over the issue of states’ rights as the nation expanded westward, but this didn’t fit the leftist narrative of trampling the Confederacy’s ethos.

Should the radical left move forward with this abhorrent plan to desecrate the gravestones of American soldiers, you can be sure that flaring tempers will dictate the action.

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