World war III

Fear Over World War III Strikes Google Search Stats


The world is seemingly in turmoil, and new analytics from internet behemoth Google seem to back up the fear that is encompassing the globe.

North Korea.  Russia.  Syria.  The United States.  Iran.  China.

All of those nations are currently embroiled in a what could only be described as a dangerous cluster of conflicts that could send the entire globe to their respective war rooms.  The alliances, some of which seem extremely foolish and misguided to American diplomats, (we’re looking at you Putin/Assad), threaten to blossom into something spectacularly violent should the next chip fall off of someone’s shoulder.

All of this stress has migrated into the psyche of the citizens of the world, and their collective hive mind has influenced the top searches on the world’s top internet site.

“Google searches for the term ‘World War 3’ have hit the highest ever level as a result of the Trump administration’s escalation in Syria and North Korea.

“Google Trends illustrates how the number of searches for the term in recent days dwarfs the last peak in November 2015.

“Related search queries include ‘Syria war,’ ‘Trump world war 3’ and ‘Syria world war 3,’ which is also attracting the highest search interest ever recorded.

“The Sun also reports today that Seal Team Six, the crack team that took out Osama Bin Laden, is training in South Korea to assassinate Kim Jong-un. U.S. officials denied the report.”

One reason for the heightened concern over these conflicts could stem from memories of the Cold War, in which Americans were placed on high alert regarding the USSR and their own nuclear weapons.  Now, we have Russia and the North Korean nuclear weapons infiltrating our every media stream, and the nostalgia of fear has returned to us.

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