Net Neutrality

FCC Plans to Swindle Americans With Net Neutrality Turkey Day Overload

If you are unaware of the concept of Net Neutrality, you should most certainly educate yourself.  Immediately.

Net Neutrality is a concept that allows the internet to retain much of its freedom.  Essentially, it guarantees that internet service providers cannot arbitrarily alter the price of using the internet based on the sites that you visit or the activities that you perform on the world wide web.  Without this precedent, enormous cable and internet companies such as Comcast could take a stance against, let’s say, conservative news outlets, and charge you more for visiting those sites than for visiting CNN or The New York Times.

It is very simply a financial fascism meant to streamline ideology by making certain concept more expensive to access.

This also would allow companies such as Comcast or AT&T to essentially price you out of using services such as Netflix, Hulu, or SlingTV in order to push their own overpriced cable television options on you.

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In other words:  Net neutrality protects us from the evil that Comcast and others would like to inflict on our wallets.

In order to push forward with the decimation of these laws, the FCC is planning a bit of a legislative blitzkrieg to coincide with the Thanksgiving holiday, realizing that a great many Americans will be preoccupied with family and friends, and won’t have time to give this issue the due diligence that it deserves.

“Numerous reports have indicated that the FCC intends to try and hide its attack on net neutrality behind the looming Thanksgiving holiday. The agency is expected to either unveil its formal plan on Wednesday while Americans are distracted by holiday preparations, or potentially on Friday, while Americans are busy shopping for black Friday bargains. Regardless of when it’s unveiled, the announcement will involve unveiling a formal date to vote to finally kill the rules, currently expected to be December 15…

“Net neutrality has been a fifteen year fight to protect the very health of the internet itself from predatory duopolists like Comcast. Killing it isn’t something you can hide behind the green bean amandine, and it’s not a small scandal you can bury via the late Friday news dump. This effort is, by absolutely any measure, little more than a grotesque hand out to one of the least competitive — and most disliked — industries in America. Trying to obfuscate this reality via the holidays doesn’t change that. Neither does giving the plan an Orwellian name like ‘Restoring Internet Freedom.’

“It’s abundantly clear that if the FCC and supporters were truly proud of what they were doing, they wouldn’t feel the need to try and hide it. If this was an FCC that actually wanted to have a candid, useful public conversation about rolling back net neutrality, it wouldn’t be actively encouraging fraud and abuse of the agency’s comment system. To date, the entire proceeding has been little more than a glorified, giant middle finger to the public at large, filled with scandal and misinformation. And the public at large — across partisan aisles — is very much aware of that fact.”

Preemptive advocacy is certainly the most important piece of the puzzle this week, as the FCC quite blatantly attempts to pull the wool over our eyes.

In the coming days, there is no doubt that you will be inundated with reminders regarding this critically important free speech issue.  It will be your duty as patriotic Americas to see through the government’s deceitful displays and continue to fight for your freedom to learn, stream, write, read, and play on the internet.

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