The FBI’s ‘October Surprise’ May Have Been the Last Gasp Ending the Clinton Dynasty

Pollsters can feel it in the air, Republicans can taste it and even those who had shied from endorsing Trump are falling into line, and more to the point, Donald Trump himself can feel the electric in the air as the avalanche of news about the FBI’s various and sundry investigations into Clinton Incorporated may be the final blow to topple the once powerful Clinton machine.

Last week FBI Director James Comey announced he was re-opening the investigation into the illicit email server Hillary Clinton had hidden in her home that she then used for her official communication in contravention to our national security laws when she was Obama’s Secretary of State. He may or may not have known just what a game changing action he was taking But the Democrats sure knew it because they spent the next five days attacking him personally despite that only a few months ago they were praising him as the quintessential unimpeachable public servant.

Sure enough, the Democrats’ gut feeling that the renewed investigation was bad news only just over a week before Election Day was 100% correct. In each of the five days after his announcement and as more and more information about just how serious the FBI’s various investigations into Clinton and her associates is, the polls began a double quick march in Trump’s direction.

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The fact is, whenever this campaign has been about Hillary she has lost ground with the voters and that truism is no more obvious than this last campaign week when Trump and his foibles receded into the background and all news was about Hillary and her husband’s corruption.

Despite her best attempts to get the usually compliant media to bend to her will and refocus on Trump, she hasn’t been able to shake the constant drum beat of bad news coming out of the FBI. And it hasn’t helped her that Trump has been perhaps uncharacteristically on message and free of any meandering verbal gaffes during this same period of time.

Clinton’s woes have only increased since the FBI announcement, though, as in the week before Comey’s shocker the polls had begun a slow turn toward Trump.

As mentioned above, Democrats have been attempting to turn the FBI’s announcement into an attack on FBI Director Comey in order to discredit the news of the investigation. The perfect example of this is the wild, even idiotic, claims of Democrat flack James Carville who was caught on MSNBC charging that Comey was actually acting in concert and coordination with the House Republicans” to torpedo Hillary’s campaign.

Carville laughingly said that Comey coordinated with the Republicans on his latest investigation and with this charge was echoing the lie told by Hillary Clinton that Comey only sent his announcement letter to Republicans in Congress. In truth, Comey sent the letter to both parties.

Furthermore Comey worked with Obama’s Department of Justice before sending out his letter. So, even the administration was aware of the investigation well before Congress was informed.

Not only that, but it has also been discovered that Comey waited a full two weeks before making his announcement of the investigation because he wanted to make sure that the evidence he had was substantive enough to be worth fueling his investigation.

But as the story moved on from the announcement of the newest probe into Hillary’s email scandal, the bad news has continued to pile up.

First came news that the Democrats worst “bad penny,” disgraced New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, was the source of the huge cache of emails that gave the Bureau cause to reopen the investigation into Hillary’s violations of our national security laws.

The emails were discovered as both the feds and local authorities were investigating him on charges of sexually molesting a teenager from North Carolina. As it happens, Mr. Weiner is the husband of Hillary’s long-time top aide Huma Abedin. Also as it happens she seems to have told the FBI she had none of Hillary’s emails on her own private devices — this now appears to be a lie since tens of thousands of them have been found on devices she and her husband own jointly. Even The New York Times called Weiner’s part in this his “unwelcome return” to vex Democrats.

The newest reports on Weiner’s part in this massive investigation into Hillary’s corruption reveals that the huge trove of Hillary’s emails discovered on Weiner’s devices are new emails that the FBI had never seen before.

But it only got worse from there. Reports keep coming and each one is worse than the next.

On November 3 the Daily Mail reported that the FBI found an “avalanche” of evidence of corruption surrounding Hillary and her so-called foundation all of which prompted them to quicken their investigations.

And, yes, investigations — plural — is the word. The FBI is now involved in five separate investigations into Clinton and her associates.

FBIIn any case, the Mail noted that this “avalanche” of corruption is very likely to bring an indictment unless, that is, Obama’s Department of “Justice” runs interference to torpedo that likelihood.

The FBI is saying it expects multiple indictments to come out of its various investigations, according to Fox News’ Bret Baier. But that is only if Obama’s Department of Justice doesn’t interfere.

All of this has caused many to feel that the FBI has declared war on the Clintons and that these many investigations will carry on whether Hillary wins the White House or not meaning that she’ll become the first president to take office under the cloud of multiple criminal investigations into her actions and those of her operatives.

Of course WikiLeaks has also been a major part of the revelations of corruption and one of the latest releases shows Clinton campaign chief John Podesta and many on his team discussing the things they need to do and the connections they need to make to rake in as much foreign money as possible.

It must be noted that it is illegal for American politicians to take campaign donations from foreigners.

It’s just one more potential criminal offense perpetrated by the “Clinton Crime Family,” as Rush Limbaugh like to call them.

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