Political Correctness

Halloween “Too Edgy” for One Massachusetts Grade School

Everything is offensive, if you ask the political correctness obsessed snowflakes that reside on the left side of American politics.  And we mean everything.

The “War on Christmas” was likely just the beginning of the liberal crusade against all things fun, where attention-seeking twerps became obsessed with the idea that Christmas, the day recognized as the birth of Jesus Christ, was too offensive for Americans who don’t adhere to the tenets of the Christian religion.  The self-appointed P.C. Police urged Americans to refrain from using the colloquial greeting of “Merry Christmas” for fear of offending those who don’t celebrate the holiday.

This in and of itself was ridiculous.  We live in a nation of freedoms, and freedom of religion is one of the more important rights that we maintain.  All Americans are free to worship and celebrate as they choose, and my wishing you and yours a “Merry Christmas” doesn’t at all affect the way in which either of us celebrates those freedoms.

We’ll certainly be revisiting this concept in the coming months, but today’s focus is on Halloween; a holiday that had religious ties only in ancient, nearly pre-civilization times.  No one alive today considers the spooky fall-time candy fest as a religious or offensive celebration, yet, the P.C. Police are back at it, attempting to sterilize the American culture one holiday at a time, simply to seek attention for themselves in their crusade.

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“A Massachusetts elementary school has canceled Halloween with the claim that the holiday is no ‘inclusive’ enough, and replaced it with the conjured ‘Black and Orange Spirit Day,’ instead.

“Of particular concern for the city of Walpole’s Boyden Elementary principal Brendan Dearborn was the annual costume parade, an activity Dearborn insisted in a letter to parents was not ‘inclusive enough.’

“Addressing the parade, Dearborn told parents, ‘the costume parade is out of our ordinary routine and can be difficult for many students. Also, the parade is not inclusive of all the students and it is our goal each and every day to ensure all student’s individual differences are respected.’

“Dearborn confirmed that the annual after-school party would still take place, but that Halloween Day, a Tuesday this year, will be ‘Black and Orange Spirit Day,’ not Halloween. Children will be encouraged to wear the ‘spirit’ colors and costumes will be banned.”

This is yet another unbelievable aspect of the P.C. culture attempting to turn our future generations into bleeding heart liberal twerps incapable of experiencing disappointment.

We are coddling our youth to the point that they will no longer be able to fend for themselves.  Their lack of human experience living in the P.C. liberal bubble will doom them to a life of constant worry and trepidation, and, in turn, could affect the overall global stature of our nation when these overly-protected students reach the ages in which they’ll be directing the future of America.

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