FBI Proves there is NO Credible Link between Trump and Russia

Sorry Hillary while the FBI did what you asked they did not come up with the answer you wanted.  As reported by the NY Times, The FBI spent much of the summer looking for links between Donald Trump and the Russian Govt. and they found nothing.

[They] looked for financial connections with Russian financial figures, searched for those involved in hacking the computers of Democrats, and even chased a lead — which they ultimately came to doubt — about a possible secret channel of email communication from the Trump Organization to a Russian bank.

Law enforcement officials say that none of the investigations so far have found any link between Mr. Trump and the Russian government. And even the hacking into Democratic emails, F.B.I. and intelligence officials now believe, was aimed at disrupting the presidential election rather than electing Mr. Trump.

To put it a different way, the Democratic Party line that everything bad in their campaign originated from Russia at Donald Trump’s request is nothing but cow chips (unless of course the link can be found in one of the 650,000 new emails found on the laptop Huma Abedin shared with her soon to be ex-husband).

“You do not hear the director talking about any other investigation he is involved in,” Representative Gregory W. Meeks, Democrat of New York, said after Mr. Comey’s letter to Congress was made public. “Is he investigating the Trump Foundation? Is he looking into the Russians hacking into all of our emails? Is he looking into and deciding what is going on with regards to other allegations of the Trump Organization?”

If you see Congressman Meeks please explain to him (slowly), that the Trump Foundation had nothing to do with America’s secrets, nor did Trump trade influencing a public office for donations to the Trump foundation, but that’s what Hillary is accuse of doing.

Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the minority leader, responded angrily on Sunday with a letter accusing the F.B.I. of not being forthcoming about Mr. Trump’s alleged ties with Moscow.

On the bright side Reid’s letter did not accuse Mitt Romney of not paying his taxes for the past ten years, so he is off that kick…


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