Did the FBI just Declare WAR on the Clinton Campaign?

Something is happening, and it could mean very big things in the near future. In the wake of FBI Director James Comey’s announcement that the FBI was reopening their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, the Democrat Party and the Clinton machine went into overdrive. Everyone on Team Clinton from the President himself, down to the lowliest mouthpiece on TV, has gone on the offensive in an effort to marginalize and ostracize Comey. These same people who just a couple of months ago were criticizing Republicans for questioning Comey’s integrity, are now bending over backwards to invent reasons to attack the embattled FBI Director.

Now something new is afoot. I can’t be sure that it is in response to the underhanded, and misguided Democrat attacks on the FBI, but the timing is certainly coincidental.

Over the last day or so the FBI has begun releasing important files that were previously unreleased and which paint a very ugly picture of the Clinton family and their lackeys.

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On Tuesday, the FBI released their files on the 2001 investigation of President Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich.

While the file makes no specific accusations against the President, it does paint the entire situation in a dark light.

The FBI contends that the release was not timed as an attack on Hillary Clinton and was simply standard operating procedure for the agency.

“The FBI’s Records Management Division receives thousands of FOIA requests annually which are processed on a first in, first out basis,” the bureau said. “By law, FOIA materials that have been requested three or more times are posted electronically to the FBI’s public reading room shortly after they are processed. Per the standard procedure for FOIA, these materials became available for release and were posted automatically and electronically to the FBI’s public reading room in accordance with the law and established procedures.”

However, it comes at a time when many different media outlets are reporting that a rebellion is brewing within the FBI over the decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton over the summer. 

It’s no wonder that people who I have spoken to inside the Bureau and outside the Bureau view Comey as a dirty cop because they believe he has brought disrepute on the agency. The letter he sent just shows how bad the first investigation was.

People in the FBI are very disappointed in Comey’s leadership. They believe that he is unfit to serve, they believe he has no moral authority to lead the Bureau, they believe that he has created a double standard of justice established by his investigation into Clinton, that he has undermined the rule of law, that he has no credibility, and that he has become an embarrassment to the Bureau.

That is generally the thought certainly among former Bureau people, and it is certainly among the field agents and among the people in that building in Washington. There just is no doubt that the manner in which he has conducted himself has really, really sent a shiver through that building. And had it not been for that letter that he sent the other day, that he would be probably be facing a joint-Congressional resolution of no confidence in his leadership of the Bureau.

The former U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joseph DiGenova, believes that the Clinton Team’s decision to wage war on Comey and the FBI will end up backfiring too.

I think there’s going to be leaks. If this is gonna be the Democrat’s strategy to save Hillary Clinton, there will be further leaks. There will be leaks of substance, there will be leaks about emails. Comey cannot control the investigation in New York. The reason the first investigation was a flop was that, it wasn’t a real investigation, he kept it at headquarters, he kept it at his office, so there were no field agents involved even though there were a lot of people assigned to it they were given very limited rolls. You look at the 302s, which are questions from the FBI, these are interview notes, the questions are sophomoric, there’s no follow up.

Hillary Clinton says she can’t remember 39 times in her interviews. They went to Comey and said she can’t remember because she had a head injury — alright, let’s get her medical records. Comey said absolutely not, we are not subpoenaing her medical records. So it’s fairly obvious that he cut them off at the pass, he didn’t allow them to do their job and they all knew that.

Now the question is, will this battle affect the course of the presidential campaign? Is Clinton’s decision to attack the FBI going to end up destroying her bid for the White House?





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