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FBI Issuing Gun Seizure Orders At A Record Pace in 2017

One of the nation’s oldest, and most raucous debates has been in regard to our all-important 2nd Amendment and how it applies to this day and age.

If you ask a liberal, (which we don’t suggest actually doing), you’ll receive a range of answers on the subject spanning the entire gamut of leftist sentiment.  Some will say that only hunting rifles are truly okay, others will tell you that all firearms should be confiscated from private citizens leaving only the police and military to protect our nation from violent threats.

Of course, we don’t need to tell you, dear reader, how that sort of plan would work out.

Every time our nation suffers an unforeseen tragedy involving a firearm, the debate heats back up with democrats immediately commandeering the tragedy and exploiting the story to call for stricter gun control laws.  In recent years, our nation has become keen to true phenomenons behind mass shootings, however, with mental illness and criminality arriving front and center to help debunk the liberal idea that less guns is a good idea.

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Now, the FBI is looking to do something about that, by investigating a record number of firearm purchases by Americans who should have been unable to complete these transactions due to their previous history with psychiatric problems or violent crime.

“Federal authorities sought to take back guns from thousands of people the background check system should have blocked from buying weapons because they had criminal records, mental health issues or other problems that would disqualify them.

“A USA TODAY review found that the FBI issued more than 4,000 requests last year for agents from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives to retrieve guns from prohibited buyers.

“It’s the largest number of such retrieval requests in 10 years, according to bureau records – an especially striking statistic after revelations that a breakdown in the background check system allowed a troubled Air Force veteran to buy a rifle later used to kill 26 worshipers at a Texas church last month.”

For far too long, the liberal left has been attempting to vilify the device and not the devil behind it, leading to a grand confusion among millennials and progressives about the true nature of our most important amendment.

Those affected by these isolated incidents will likely feel that the FBI’s move is coming a day late and a dollar short, while those who are unknowingly avoiding future calamity should feel reassured by this move in the right direction.  Had we been under the thumb of a leftist Commander in Chief, there may very well have been a different path to travel.

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