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FBI Infiltrated Bundy Supporters By Posing as Journalists


The intense standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and rancher Cliven Bundy on 2014 included a brazen bit of government espionage, according to court records.

Bundy’s dispute with the overreaching and extraneous Bureau of Land Management over the grazing of his cattle on federal land lasted for several weeks as supporters and government agents clashed in rural Nevada.  Supporters of the rancher convened on the site from all over the United States, along with a plethora of media outlets looking to cover the landmark stand being taken against the feds.  Now, it turns out that some of  those media outlets were not at all what they seemed at the time.

“Undercover FBI agents disguised as documentary filmmakers went to Nevada in 2014 to interview supporters of Cliven Bundy during their armed standoff with the government, says FBI Special Agent Charles Johnson.

“Testifying on the government’s behalf in its case against two supporters, Johnson told jurors Wednesday how the bureau used a fake film crew to gather statements during the standoff, reported the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“The videos were then played in court during Johnson’s testimony, showing jurors the defendant’s mindset during the standoff.

“Scott Drexler, one of Bundy’s supporters standing trial, told the bogus filmmakers that he traveled from Idaho to Bunkerville ranch when he learned about protests being waged against the Bureau of Land Management after its agents tried to seize cattle from Mr. Bundy following a legal land dispute.

“’What I was looking for was just a show of support…it seems as if when there are armed people around a situation, then the authorities have to be a little more civil, have to treat you like a person,’ Drexler said on camera. ‘If nobody is facing any kind of consequences for their actions, they can just do whatever they want.’”

Although the federal authorities eventually released the Bundy cattle that they had previously impounded, it seems as though the real fight against governmental tyranny is far from over in this particular case.


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