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FBI Had Trump in Crosshairs BEFORE Election! Clinton Collusion Too!?

As if Americans weren’t already prepared to be completely done with Robert Mueller’s bizarre and incredulous investigation into a democratic conspiracy theory about Russia, we now know just how crooked the entire affair truly is…and how long it has truly been ongoing.

We all just knew that someone was fishy with the Mueller investigation at the very start.  Suddenly, late in a desperate bid to find herself in the White House, Hillary Clinton began making a number of nonsensical accusations against then-candidate Donald Trump, insinuating that he was a willing participant in a Russian scheme to have himself elected President in exchange for a Kremlin influence in the Oval Office.  This absurd and pathetic charge first became part of Hillary’s debate dialogue in September of 2016.

But, what if we told you that the Trump campaign was being surveilled by the Obama-led FBI months earlier?

The FBI investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia was originally known as “Crossfire Hurricane” before it was widely known to the public and even the bureau itself, officials told The New York Times.

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The case, named after a Rolling Stones lyric, was used by only the small group of agents sent to interview the Australian ambassador to the United Kingdom, who had evidence of possible collusion between Russia and a Trump adviser.

Five agents embarked to London in the summer of 2016 for a rare interview with the diplomat after deliberations between American and Australian officials, where they gathered information that would provide the basis for the Russia probe that is still ongoing.

The Times previously reported that a young foreign policy aide on the Trump campaign, George Papadopoulosrevealed he knew of hacked Democratic Party emails to Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer over late-night drinks in London.

This means that, without a doubt, President Barack Obama’s FBI was absolutely gathering dirt on Donald Trump during the election.

Let that sink in for a moment; as soon as James Comey was done erroneously vindicating Hillary Clinton for her use of a secret email server to help facilitate her “pay-to-play” treason as Secretary of State, they were rooting around in Trump’s figurative garbage can.  This means that, well before Robert Mueller was ever appointed to investigate Donald Trump’s alleged Russian connection, the FBI was already on the case.

Furthermore, given her inexorable reach within the Deep State Swamp, it isn’t hard to imagine that the metered dissemination of Russian conspiracy theories by Hillary Clinton during the fall of 2016 was no coincidence.  If Trump wasn’t under investigation already, these allegations would have been far too bold for any political strategist such as Clinton to ever utter.  She would have needed to know what cards were going to flip on the river.

The only sensible reality here is that Clinton’s insider knowledge of the FBI, through her pal James Comey, allowed her to power through the tough times when she was being symbolically investigated, and then plant the seeds of #RussiaGate in the minds of the American people during the incredibly well-viewed Presidential debates.  Then, Mueller gets to step into his role as Special Counsel without even the slightest raise of an eyebrow from the democratic masses.

The jig is up, Bobby.  You should have learned when to fold ’em.

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