FBI lets Hillary Clinton walk

The FBI’s Failure May Give Trump an Opening to Beat Hillary

The disgusting sight of the FBI Director James Comey laying out precisely how Hillary Clinton lied and recklessly handled the nation’s secrets, but then passing on recommending an indictment, should turn the stomachs of every red-blooded American.

But that’s precisely why it’s possible — just possible — that Comey has given Donald Trump an opportunity to thoroughly beat Clinton in the general election.

Back when Barack Obama was first campaigning for president, he promised to fundamentally change America, and the helium-headed Left walked him into the Oval Office on his vague slogan of “Hope and Change.” Now, nearly eight years later, we see that Obama kept his promise, but the fundamental change he brought has nothing to do with prosperity or a bright future for the nation.

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His Administration has utterly destroyed the rule of law, strengthening an already corrupt elite until the whole of Washington reeks with the foul smell of maggot-riddled undead autocrats sucking the lifeblood out of the country.

A lot’s already been said about how Comey essentially rewrote the law to let Clinton off the hook. The deciding factor, according to Comey’s press conference, was that Clinton didn’t intend to harm the country. And I’m sure drunks don’t intend to run over kids, but we punish them anyway. As Andrew McCarthy pointed out, intent is not part of laws about negligence.

And Clinton was negligent, there is no doubt. Comey spelled it out very clearly.

Which makes me think that while the FBI basically rewrote the law, the order to do so came from high up.

We all know who gave that order. He got on a plane and campaigned with Clinton that same morning, right after Comey cleared her.

When Comey said “no reasonable prosecutor” would file charges, I don’t believe he was saying there was no evidence that Clinton committed a crime, because he had just laid out the evidence of a crime in front of the whole country.

I think he was not-so-subtly saying that he was scared to death of what the Clinton and Obama crime syndicate would do to him if he recommended indictment.

Because the fix is obvious. Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch just happen to meet on a borrowed airplane at an airport neither of them had a good reason to be at, supposedly to discuss kids and golfing. The next day, Hillary Clinton talks to the FBI, then goes immediately to a TV interview where the host says he has “inside information” that there will be no indictment. The morning after Independence Day, Hillary is magically cleared even as the FBI director explains that she’s guilty as sin.

Hillary Clinton is a person who thinks the law doesn’t apply to her. She got people killed in Benghazi then lied about it. She exposed national secrets, putting other lives in jeopardy, possibly the whole country — and lied about it.

This is the arrogance of the Socialist state the Democratic Party has worked to create. “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,” as George Orwell said. The law is for the peasantry.

It’s this attitude, and the points made by Comey about Hillary’s actual crimes, that Trump needs to hammer on until even the most dull-witted leftist slug gets that she’s bad news for the country.

Maybe that’s why Trump has gotten to where he is now. I try to imagine any of the other Republican candidates being able to leverage Clinton’s non-indictment into a victory, and I can’t see any of them doing it. But Trump, veteran negotiator and slick talker, might be able to, especially if he has backup from Newt Gingrich.

I can’t say I’m happy about this turn of events, unlike Allen West, who is a perpetual optimist. But the Democrats have kicked this country time and again with their belief in never wasting a crisis. I say it’s time we turn that slogan back on them and start kicking them for a change.




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