Hillary Clinton

FBI Director Comey, the Deadest Man in Deadonia

In just a matter of a few days, FBI Director James Comey has gone from being a Democratic hero to the man the Left would most like to see separated from his head.

Just in case you’ve been under a rock, the FBI this weekend reopened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails after a laptop with more than half a million Clinton-related emails was discovered during an investigation of former Democratic congressman Anthony Weiner, husband to Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin.

The whirlwind reactions have been nothing short of stunning. The only thing I can think to compare it to is July 13, 1973, the moment after the unassuming Deputy Chief of Staff Alexander Butterfield revealed to a Senate committee that President Nixon had tape recorded everything.

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The FBI may now have access to all of Hillary’s emails, including the thousands upon thousands that were deleted by her and her minions, and probably some that the FBI had no idea ever existed. There may be emails related to Benghazi in the new documents; there may be damning emails to and from President Obama.

President Clinton was nearly destroyed because of a vagina and a blue dress; Hillary’s charge to power may be stopped by a Weiner. It all seems a rather fitting punishment for the Clinton crime family, particularly after Hillary’s campaign has so blatantly smeared Donald Trump with bought women and false accusations of sexual assault.

As Clinton’s campaign takes a sudden nose dive with less than two weeks till the election, warrants have been issued, raids are likely, and Democrat officials and Hillary supporters are left with probably nothing they can do to save their candidate except to try to deflect attention back onto Comey.

Comey, who in July let Clinton walk away, seeming Scot-free, by refusing to call for an indictment of the former secretary of state, despite a lengthy public presentation demonstrating clearly that if it had been anybody but Clinton, they would have been rocking an orange jumpsuit.

The fix was in. The whole country knew it. The Democrats hailed Comey’s dive. The media pretended that justice was done. But everybody knew that the investigation findings were never going to be taken seriously, and the whole deal had been settled a few days previous, when Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch just “happened” to bump into each other at a regional airport … inside a private plane … and discussed grandchildren … and golf.

What’s more, the FBI’s agents knew what Comey had done, what Lynch had done, what the Clintons had done and were about to do to the whole country.

So the country’s loyal FBI agents did what employees will do to get back at a boss they no longer respect. They undermined him, they ignored him, they yelled at him, they wrote letters of resignation that formed a high pile on his desk, they shunned him. They made it clear that he had brought shame on all of them, on the agency, and himself.

Don’t expect Democrats to tell you the truth about that, either. In the newly minted panic narrative, Trump and Russia are somehow to blame, and Comey is a lone operative, a rogue gone mad with power.

According to that narrative, Comey is a criminal who violated the Hatch Act regulations against bureaucrats trying to influence an election. A criminal, for defying Lynch and finally doing his job.

Top Senate Democrat and “creepy clown” Harry Reid said it. House Intelligence Committee ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff said it. Heck, Judge Jeanine Pirro said it. Basically, everybody who has ever been on a Democratic mailing list or the Media Matters morning memo is saying it, using the preapproved language crafted in the DNC headquarters and the White House basement.

As usual, the Democrats’ song and dance is all about deflection.

Instead of trying to blame the FBI director for attempting to make up for his huge error in July, the Democrats might try, just this once, putting blame where it belongs: on themselves and Hillary Clinton.

The way things work in Washington, Comey will probably land behind bars long before Clinton does. At the very least, his career’s over. Maybe he’ll think it’s worth it, to protect this country from the reign of the Clinton criminal network.

By all rights, Clinton should step down from her position as the Democratic nominee. She has no place being on the ballot.

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