FBI Director Comey Confirms Russia Did Not “Change Vote Tallies” in U.S. Election


In the whirlwind that was the wind-down from the 2016 election, Americans were bludgeoned with the dual nonsense stories of Russia hacking the U.S. election, and the advent of “fake news”.

The two-pronged leftist attack was meant to act as a destabilizing campaign against the newly elected President, Donald Trump, aimed squarely at shaking the electoral base’s faith in their decision.  Luckily, their pursuit failed and President Trump has bulldozed his way into the White House with clear cut and powerful political moves.  Now, as FBI Director James Comey testifies before congress, we are learning a great deal more about these pivotal days in our nation’s history, and exactly what the FBI is concerning themselves with.

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While the “fake news” phenomenon is certainly outside the jurisdiction of the bureau, the claims of Russia tampering with our electoral process is right up their alley.  The news that Comey’s FBI was even investigating the possibility was a boon to the liberals, who believed wholeheartedly, yet foolishly, that the United States would never turn their back on the corrupt and incorrigible Hillary Clinton.

Now, as Comey testifies before congress, we can almost hear the wind being snatched from the sails of America’s militant political left.


That’s right.  According to the FBI, the leading investigatory firm in the nation, Russia did not infiltrate or “hack” our election.  Donald Trump won the election fair and square, soundly defeating Hillary Clinton in the electoral college.

This will certainly come as great news to the Trump administration who have had to yield a great deal of time to answering these asinine allegations when they could and should have been working to make America great again.


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