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FBI Agents Had THIS To Say About Clinton While Investigating Trump Jr.

To the casual observer, it may seem as though the FBI is one of the most wonderfully organized and impartial organizations in American politics.  Those people are wrong.

Like any political entity in the United States, there is always the chance that the uncouth among our elected leaders will be able to slither into the ear of an FBI employee and plant a seed that unleashes their inner bias.  While this isn’t always an enormous concern for us, there are certain examples in which this leftist lean can be downright terrifying.

Take, for example, our current situation with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, a former FBI director currently working with a hand-picked team of investigators in an attempt to pin a wild and unverifiable conspiracy theory onto President Donald Trump.

Americans are now getting a much better look at some members of this bizarre team of fishermen, both past and present, who have been charged with investigating an unfettered amount of avenues in the case.  One such former investigator’s closet just happened to be full of anti-Trump skeletons…something that should concern every single American today.

“Senior F.B.I. officials who helped investigate Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign last year wrote in text messages that Hillary Clinton ‘just has to win’ and described a potential Trump victory as ‘terrifying,’ according to texts released Tuesday night.
“A top counterintelligence agent, Peter Strzok, exchanged the messages with Lisa Page, a senior F.B.I. lawyer. Some messages criticized Mrs. Clinton’s team, the Obama administration, Congress and other Democrats. But the two appeared appalled at some of Mr. Trump’s comments during the campaign and feared that he would politicize the F.B.I.
“For example, after Mr. Trump made an apparent sexual allusion related to the size of his hands, Ms. Page wrote: ‘This man cannot be president.’ In another exchange, Mr. Strzok wrote of a potential Trump presidency, ‘I’m scared for our organization.’ He also referred to Mr. Trump as a ‘douche.’ The messages were turned over to Congress and obtained by The New York Times.
“Mr. Strzok went on to become one of the top investigators for the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III. But over the summer, Mr. Mueller removed Mr. Strzok from his team as soon as he became aware of the texts. Their release is certain to fuel suspicion among Republicans that the investigation into connections between the Trump campaign and Russia was politically motivated from the beginning.”
While the idea that Mueller’s investigation was never anything more than a witch hunt to delegitimize President Trump may be a given for the more astute political observer, the mainstream media has done a bang-up job of pretending all is well with the politically-charged makeup of the team.
This has led to a number of bizarre allegations against Mueller and his men, not the least of which involves Strzok.  Given the massive evidence against the neutrality of Mueller and his cronies, there is little doubt left that a fair and impartial investigation can truly be conducted, and has led to repeated calls for the removal or replacement of the former FBI chief.

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