A Father’s Heartbreaking Story about Why Black Americans should Support Trump

Should Blacks Support Trump? All American Minorities Should!

I mentioned recently that American Blacks support Trump in greater numbers than other Republican candidates. One reason many support him is because they realize border security is important.

This father explains why, if “black lives matter,” we need a president who will enforce the law:

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The fact is, whatever immigration laws should be, if crafted wisely, they protect Americans of every race. Refusing to enforce the laws, whether through “sanctuary cities” or through presidential executive actions, can harm minorities.

It should be noted that Jamiel Shaw, the bereft father in the video above, has been opposed by a group claiming to represent African Americans. Last year, Breitbart reported,

Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted the Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas Monday night, including several protesters who attempted to interrupt the story of Jamiel Shaw, an African-American man, recounting how his 17-year-old son Jamiel Shaw Jr. was murdered by an illegal alien from Mexico.

The media in attendance at the event included Buzzfeed reporter McKay Coppins and MSNBC’s Benjy Sarlin, who both openly disdain Mr. Trump, his supporters, and Republicans in general. Both Sarlin and McKay were in attendance and filed stories that left out the sick irony of Black Lives Matter protesters attempting to silence a black man whose son was murdered and instead only focused on the crowd’s reaction.

With all the recent shootings of police officers it frankly doesn’t seem that surprising that a Black Lives Matter group would feel more solidarity with a vicious gangster than they would with a man demanding that law enforcement do their job and deport the illegal immigrants who have committed violent crimes.

When you chant for dead cops, can you really say you have any interest in police officers doing their job better? It seems you are nourishing respect for killers, not concern for victims.

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