In-N-out burger

Fast Food Icons Get Last Laugh in Pathetic Political Boycott Attempt

Our nation is divided like never before, at least in our modern lifetimes, and every little nook and cranny of our everyday lives seems to be irreparably politicized.

We can’t seem to speak to one another without the filter of political bias.  Even something as benign as the car you drive could easily send you down a conversational path that leads us back to the Trump effect on the economy, and the jobs that are filtering back into our nation as a result.

Even the fast food choices we make on the go have turned into fodder for the DC fat cats.

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Chick Fil A fan?  You might be a bigot!  In-N-Out Burger donated to the GOP?  Boycott them!

Luckily, Americans have a way of bucking these unfair judgements using their wallets.

California has emerged as the center of the Democratic resistance since President Donald Trump took office. But this activism might have met its match when it comes to In-N-Out, a California institution that some hold with the same level of esteem as the Golden Gate Bridge and Joshua Tree.

By the end of the day, Democrats were distancing themselves from the idea and Republicans were enjoying a political feast, with some making big lunch orders to show their support for the chain and posting photos on social media.

“We have all of our children eating In-N-Out burgers. Even my son’s German shepherd eats In-N-Out,” said state Sen. Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber, whose staff ordered 25 burgers and 50 bags of fries for lunch.

Political experts said they aren’t surprised that In-N-Out has proved hard to demonize, especially if the company’s sin was simply donating to the Republican Party.

“The stomach overrules the mind,” Jaime Regalado, emeritus professor of political science at California State University, Los Angeles. “A cheap, good-tasting burger is hard to dismiss politically.”

This galvanizing of support for the burger chain, who has some serious Christian leanings, is definitely not what the democrats had in mind when they pounced on the boycott idea, and just goes to show the power of the American conservative base.


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