A Leader at This Well-Known “Conservative” Church Is Openly Supporting Hillary

Okay, it would seem that I have an ax to grind against Tim Keller and the Gospel Coalition. I have now written three articles dealing with issues within his ministry. But, I can assure you that the opposite is the case. I have respected highly the men that I will be talking about in this article. It pains me to have to expose this wrong thinking. But it must be done.

As ministry leaders and pastors, we must be very careful about what we say and to whom. Many will take our example and live by it for the rest of their days. So, when we teach or speak on a topic, we should be sure of what we are saying. And, it seems that this is the case with the Gospel Coalition.

Christian News reports

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A leader at a Washington, D.C. assembly that is a part of Tim Keller’s Gospel Coalition recently penned an article asserting that pastors nationwide should encourage their congregations to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Nick Rodriguez is a member of Anacostia River Church, a congregation planted by Mark Dever and led by Thabiti Anyabwile. Dever serves on the board for Keller’s Gospel Coalition and Anyabwile writes on the Coalition site.

As I reported, this is not the first time that this topic has come up with this group. Anyabwile has made it clear that he would vote for Clinton if Trump were the alternative. And, it appears that he has not backed off this stance.

Christian News continues

Now, Rodriguez, a leader in Anyabwile’s congregation, has also penned an article entitled “Evangelical Leaders: Tell Us to Vote for Clinton,” in which he explains why he thinks pastors should get behind a Clinton presidency.

All of Rodriguez’s reasons are based not on Scripture, but fear and compromise. He gives six reasons why pastors should campaign for Hillary from their pulpits.

1. Every election is a choice between different evils. So, according to Rodriguez, we should just settle for evil. This is pure compromise.

2. Trump may be an existential threat to the Republic. This is pure fear mongering. There is no call in Scripture for the Christian to save this or any Republic. The Republic be Damned we are to uphold the glory of God!

3. Trump is a threat to the unity of the church. This is just a lack of faith. Trump nor any man can destroy the unity of the Church. The true Church is united by the Holy Spirit. We do not look to a political figure as a means of unity. How can we have unity with those who have differing views of Baptism and other practices if we cannot differ a little politically?

4. You may think she’s terrible, but Hillary Clinton is a conventional Democrat. That’s right; she supports the murder of babies and sodomite unions. She is at best a mafia boss thug who has murdered and blackmailed her way into power. At worse, she has sold our country to the highest bidder and is now looking to hand over the deed.

5. Yes, you should vote strategically. This has nothing to do with obeying God, and everything to do with building man’s kingdom.

6. It has to come from you. Here Rodriguez comes clean that he has always been a Democrat, and this hurts his credibility with Christians. So, rather than be honest and stand where he thinks is right, he seeks to manipulate those who read his work.

I have no problem with politics in the church. I have no problem telling the people under my care that they should use certain principles, clearly laid out for us in Scripture to choose our representatives. None of which are expressed in Rodriguez’s article.

At every point, Rodriguez denies the sovereignty and power of Christ. This is an unchristian view and should be exposed as such.

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