Stephen King

Famous Author’s Sickening GOP Train Tweet Finally Gets Apology

There are few things more disturbing in modern America than the inexcusable insistence of the radical left to mock and disparage their political rivals at every turn.

This so-called “resistance” is nothing more than an excuse for carte blanche hatred of the President and the conservative Americans who make up his supporter base.  Instead of acting like Americans, these partisan hacks are nitpicking every bit of minutiae that they can feasibly concoct, and disseminating narratives that serve no other purpose than the delegitimization of the office of the President.

The “resistance” has come to us in many forms over the course of Trump’s first year behind the desk in the Oval Office, including violent riots, censorship of free speech, and unprecedented attacks on the character of our Commander in Chief.

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This hatred has spread to the conservative community at large, with GOP congressmen finding themselves far too often in the crosshairs.

Those crosshairs were literal in the spring of 2017 when radical leftist James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on a baseball field populated with republican congressmen, severely wounding Louisiana representative Steve Scalise before being killed by Capitol police.

Now, after a deadly train wreck this week involving a group of GOP legislators, horror author Stephen King is tucking his tail and apologizing to the American people for his insensitive thoughts on the subject.

“…on Thursday that iconic IT author posted a tweet that he ended up walking back.

“First, King fired off a snark tweet about the West Virginia accident where a train carrying dozens of members of Congress, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, hit a truck on the way to a Republican retreat:”


This, of course, created a firestorm of criticism for the Carrie, Cujo, and Christine creator on social media, causing King to publicly reevaluate the appropriateness of his tweet.


As it turns out, the only thing scarier than Stephen King’s own novels is his inability to control his anti-conservative bigotry.

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