Famed Action Star Slams NFL Protesters as “Disgusting”

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Count 1980’s action film icon Steven Seagal among those who just don’t understand how the protesting NFL players came to the conclusion that taking a knee during the National Anthem was a productive form of protest.

Seagal was a guest on Good Morning Britain with host Piers Morgan, when he was asked about his opinion on the ongoing protests by NFL players.

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“I believe in free speech. I believe that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

But I don’t agree they should hold the United States of America and the world hostage by taking a venue where people are tuning in to watch a football game and imposing their political views. 

I think it’s outrageous, I think it’s a joke. It’s disgusting.

I respect the American flag and I myself have risked my life countless times for the American flag and I don’t understand or agree with this kind of behavior.

I think it’s an outrage.”

Seagal’s comments echo the sentiments of more than 60% of the American public.

However, there is a more interesting thought to come out of this conversation, and it actually came from host Piers Morgan.

Morgan said that the protests were an attempt to highlight the ongoing racial injustice in the United States, but the players seem to be divided on that front.

While some players seem to be protesting incidents of police brutality against African-Americans, others, like Colin Kaepernick, are protesting the nation and our history as a whole. Kaepernick argues that the United States has ALWAYS been a haven of injustice, hatred, and violence against African-Americans. Still other players have begun protesting as a show of solidarity with their teammates.

I would argue that of these reasons only Colin Kaepernick is being consistent. He hates America, so refusing to respect the anthem makes sense. For most of the rest of the protesters, disrespecting the anthem and the fans who pay to watch the players play, is simply nonsensical.

Seagal may not be the best spokesman for the average American, given his left-leaning Russia loving ways… but he’s got a pretty solid point about these protests.


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