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FAKE NEWS: Washington Post Digs Own Grave With INSANE Baseball Shooter Theory

The liberal media has been at the forefront of the burgeoning “fake news” industry for the better part of 8 months, and now the Washington Post is getting in on the action.

Soon after the democrat’s embarrassing electoral defeat in the presidential election of 2016, the entire left side of American politics began an awkward downward spiral into hate-filled rhetoric.  There was a “resistance” movement claiming to be widespread, with leftists of all shapes and sizes doing everything in their power to defy The Donald at every possible juncture.  From the mundane to the monumental, this so-called “resistance” was working overtime to delegitimize the President of the United States in an unprecedented and unethical attack.

In the beginning, this “resistance” was merely a bit of unfortunate entertainment.  The tired and unoriginal “not my president” tagline came back after a too-short hiatus, and Alec Baldwin returned to the long-unfunny Saturday Night Live to hack at his one-dimensional impression of the The Donald.  That was before things turned ugly.

The “resistance” then began a campaign to normalize the idea of assassinating Donald Trump.  Rapper Snoop Dogg shot a Donald Trump lookalike in a music video.  Kathy Griffin spent untold thousands of dollars to created a realistic, gruesome severed Trump head to live out her disturbing ISIS-beheading fantasy.  Even the previously warmhearted Johnny Depp got in on the action, wondering when the last time an actor assassinated a President was.  These incidents, and the countless other bits of assassination propaganda, were a signal to the radical left to begin engaging the conservative enemy in more physical ways.

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Enter James T. Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sander campaign volunteer and member of several social media hate groups dedicated to “hunting” republicans.  Hodgkinson, receiving Snoop Dogg and Kathy Griffin’s signal loud and clear, rained rifle fire down upon a baseball field full of republican congressmen in mid-June, seriously injuring one and sending several others to the hospital.

Now, somehow, the Washington Post is attempting to utilize the newfound freedom they have as “fake news”, to convince us that a right wing radio host caused Hodgkinson to commit his atrocious act.

“On the day of the shooting, it was quickly discovered that Hodgkinson was an ultra-progressive Democrat who supported Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) during last year’s election. Hodgkinson’s social media postings also revealed that he had a deep hatred for President Donald Trump and Republicans. All of that evidence led investigators to point to politics as Hodgkinson’s motive.

“But that didn’t stop the Post from apparently alleging Saturday that Hodgkinson was partly inspired by a pro-Trump, right-wing radio host in his hometown.

“The news outlet in a story titled, ‘In Alexandria shooter’s hometown, rage-filled radio host channels middle America’s inner frustration,’ profiled local Belleville radio host Bob Romanik. The story describes Romanik as a racist, pro-Trump supporter who blames crime on black people.

“’I can’t say for sure if this Hodgkinson guy listened to me, but he probably did,’ Romanik said recently, according to the Post. ‘If people would be honest about what drove Hodgkinson to the point of violence, you’d probably see a lot of people right on the same page with him all over the country. But around here, for sure.’”

This absurd connection is just another chapter in the saga of liberal fake news.

As hard as the left attempts to eschew their responsibility for James T. Hodgkinson and the New Civil War that he ushered in, there is no denying that the complete disregard that the democrats have shown for their constituents has caused this rampant radicalization.  Hillary Clinton’s well-documented perversion of the 2016 democratic primaries has shaken the faith of the loyal liberals, and they are beginning to find themselves in desperate and dire straits.


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