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Fake News Does Real Damage to Wounded Warrior Project


The concept of “fake news” originated as a liberal talking point aimed at making Donald Trump’s resounding electoral victory seem rigged, staged, or stolen.

At that point months ago, “fake news” was nearly a laughable idea, especially given the context in which the democrats originally introduced it.  Their asinine claims that Russia was planting salacious headlines in the conservative media to undermine Hillary Clinton’s campaign have been widely and thoroughly nullified by the most prolific media minds.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the actual scourge of left-wing fake news from doing real damage to Americans.

Now, the New York Times has used their malleable morality to allow themselves to publish truly phony stories that are not only harming the media’s reputation, but harming the brave men and women who have made enormous sacrifices to our great nation.

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“After being attacked by the New York Times and CBS News last year, Wounded Warrior Project has fallen on hard times, and many severely wounded veterans are no longer receiving assistance. But now the truth has come out. The reports by the Times and CBS that Wounded Warrior Project was misusing funds has been completely debunked. Not only were tens of thousands of wounded veterans harmed by the lies maliciously told about WWP, but two of the founding members were fired by the board of directors, and now they’re speaking out.”

The hit piece that was propagated by these leftist “news” organizations were not only biased to the extreme ends of the spectrum, but they also committed massive amounts of fraud by omission, refusing to print any of the positive attributes of the organization.

“Dave Philipps, a reporter for the Times, had been contacted by the group of fired WWP employees in June of 2015. Giordano relayed to us that while some former employees spoke glowingly about what WWP had done for them personally, they lied about how the charity was being managed. They had a score to settle. And Philipps ate it up.

“Nothing good that Philipps was told about WWP made it into his final article for the New York Times.

“What did Philipps leave out of his hit piece?

  • That employees told him that WWP saved their lives and even their marriages.

  • That Dan Nevins, an Army vet who lost both of his legs in Iraq literally cried about what WWP had done for him. Philipps laughed about it.

  • That WWP had awesome morale and the lowest employee turnover for any charity – half the industry standard.

  • That WWP had been voted the best non-profit to work for 3 years in a row – Philipps said it was worst.

  • That WWP set up a private health care network with $70 million over three years to 4 hospitals for injured veterans to receive free mental health counseling.

  • That WWP set up a Trust Fund with $100 million to take care of veterans whose parents couldn’t so they wouldn’t have to have the government put them into nursing homes.

  • That Al Giordano and Steve Nardizzi got rave reviews from the WWP Board of Directors for how they did their jobs… Every. Single. Year.”

And what was the most dishonorable fallacy disseminated by the New York Times’ heinous hit squad?  Just how much money the Wounded Warrior Project spends on injured veterans.

“The biggest lie the New York Times told about Wounded Warrior Project? That they only spent 60 cents of every dollar donated for wounded veterans.

Wounded Warrior Project’s past finances were audited by FTI consulting and the Better Business Bureau. They found that there was NO ‘lavish spending’ on the part of WWP and that the charity, in fact, gave 81% of contributions to injured vets.”

The refusal of the New York Times to publish a retraction, or even a correction to their erroneous reporting has had an astounding effect on the ability of the Wounded Warrior Project to continue their valuable work.  As of this writing, the Wounded Warrior Project is on track to lose almost $300 million in the wake of the New York Times’ “fake news” report.

This abuse of journalism cannot stand.  We must do everything in our power to reverse the damage done by the phony liberal media by spreading the truth far and wide.  Without the Wounded Warrior Project, a great many veterans’ lives will be adversely affected, and that is completely unacceptable in this day and age.


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