FAKE NEWS NONSENSE: Media Minds Melted by Trump’s Putin Handshake

Today’s largest headline has been underscored by even more ridiculous reporting on what occurred, subtly, just moments before.

The much-anticipated meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin took place today on the sidelines of the ongoing G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.  The two leaders have been embroiled in a number of controversial maneuvers from well before Trump took office in January, thanks to the fake news mainstream media insisting that Putin and the Kremlin interfered in the 2016 U.S. election; a theory made popular by doomed democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in a weak attempt to preemptively create excuses for her impending failure at the polls.

Now, after the Syrian conflict caused Russia to lash out at the United States, and North Korea continues to irk both leaders, the two gentlemen were able to sit down and speak for the first time in person today.  Trump pressed Putin on alleged election hacking stories, Syria, Ukraine, and other massively important topics.  The media, however, chose to focus on their own selfish resentment of President Trump, accusing him of cozying up to Putin with a weak handshake.

It seems that handshakes are the mainstream media’s new favorite topic.

“Fake news networks wasted an inordinate amount of time analyzing several handshakes between President Trump and foreign leaders at the G20 meeting, and droning on about the ‘optics’ of the greetings.

“CNN led the way, spending most of a segment obsessing over a handshake between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Trump, and debating who initiated it.

“’It is notable that the body language this time, the pictures are up right now, are better and different than perhaps we had seen in the initial meetings between the president and the German chancellor,’ said CNN host John Berman.

“’Do you get the sense that the White House was preparing for this, cares about the optics of the meeting between these two leaders?’ Berman asked correspondent Jeff Zeleny.

“And then came the Trump/Putin handshake, which included a ‘pat on the back’, which to several fake news reporters, and armies of twitter Democrats obviously meant they are in cahoots.”

This is yet another symptom of the so-called “resistance” taking center stage over the act of free press journalism, and by insulting the business mogul’s handshake, the network is shallowly attempting to lure the President into yet another war of words via the internet.

As we’ve pointed out previously, CNN is no longer able to consider themselves part of the “free press”, due to their ridiculously obvious pandering to the left, along with the reality of their advertisers’ wishes consistently interfering with their journalistic ethics.  Now that they have outed themselves as mere puppets of the “resistance” movement of the left by reporting on the inane and mundane aspects of Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin, any and all credibility once held by the network is in serious jeopardy.

Could Trump’s handshake become a major part of the story we tell our children about the demise of CNN?  Only time will tell.

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