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Fake News Media Breaks White House Rules in Livestream of Press Briefing

The battle between the White House and the fake news media took an unexpected turn yesterday when a rogue reporter pulled a fast one in a press briefing.

President Donald Trump has been at war with the press since long before he took the oath of office in January.  Trump, like many magnates of the modern era, has had a tumultuous relationship with the mainstream media due in no small part to the latter’s unethical need to combine their version of the “news” with blatant entertainment in an attempt to attract advertisers.  In Trump’s White House, however, the disagreements have spilled over into dangerous and unnecessary stunts by members of the media, including CNN’s own Kathy Griffin who has symbolically called for the ISIS-style beheading of the President.

Furthermore, mainstream outlets such as CNN and NBC have overtly revealed that they are in no way interested in reporting merely the facts, instead choosing to spin the day’s events in order to further lambast the Commander in Chief.

Due to the unethical “gotcha” journalism of the mainstream media, the White House has been forced to suspend live audio and video feeds of press briefings, as constant interruptions from showboating journalists were impeding the administration’s progress in relaying the facts.  Now comes the smartphone rebellion, apparently.

“A reporter from the White House press corps went rogue Wednesday when she livestreamed audio from the day’s press briefing.

“Ksenija Pavlovic, a former political science teaching fellow at Yale and founder of the news site Pavlovic Today, used the Periscope app to stream the briefing audio, also tweeting a link to the feed, according to the Washington Post.

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“Despite poor sound quality, deputy White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders could be heard introducing Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short, who addressed reporters before Sanders answered questions from the press corps.

“The Periscope livestream cut out after about 17 minutes, while Short was still talking, but Pavlovic quickly resumed streaming and tweeted a new link that carried another 31 minutes of live audio.”

As reporters continue to smell blood in the water, (sadly created by their own rhetoric), this sort of childish behavior will continue.

The controversial nature of the Trump administration has a great many liberal journalists foaming at the mouth for the straw that will break the camel’s back, so to speak.  They have Pulitzer fever, selfishly hoping to catapult themselves to the upper echelons of the leftist echo chambers for whom they work, and using grave factual distortions to achieve this narcissistic goal.


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