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FAKE NEWS: DNC’s Claim of “Vote Hacking” Retracted Amid Embarrassment

When news broke earlier this week about an alleged “hack” of the Democratic National Committee, the liberal left and their media lapdogs immediately insinuated to be seeing red.

And not in some metaphorical, “anger induced” sort of way either.  No, we mean red as in Russian Red.

The media and the DNC itself wholly allowed and perpetuated the idea that this was yet again proof of foreign, bad actors attempting to gain access to American voting systems in order to sow chaos in our electoral system.

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You see, this fits nicely with the narrative that Donald Trump was somehow helped by Russian election interference during his wholesale annihilation of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

Unfortunately, like much of what we’ve seen from the left in recent years, this too was fake news.

Bob Lord, chief security officer for the Democratic National Committee, said, “This attempt is further proof that there are constant threats as we head into midterm elections, and we must remain vigilant in order to prevent future attacks.”

Late on Wednesday, Democrats were forced to retract their claims after new information came to light and now say that the alleged “hacking attempt” was nothing more than a “test.”

“We, along with the partners who reported the site, now believe it was built by a third party as part of a simulated phishing test on VoteBuilder,” Lord said in a new statement. “The test, which mimicked several attributes of actual attacks on the Democratic party’s voter file, was not authorized by the DNC, VoteBuilder nor any of our vendors.”

The development comes after Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson claimed that “the Russians are in Florida’s records” — a claim that has caused significant problems for Nelson.

Still, the liberal left wants us to believe them when they claim that Trump is some sort of Russian double agent or spy?

Give us a break.

The repeated offenses of the liberal media’s fake news have been roundly protected by the left’s stranglehold on American media, employing fact checking hacks at Snopes in order to “vet” their information.  This has proved faulty, time and again, yet the left insists on deferring to these “experts” consistently in order to attack the conservative right.


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