FAKE NEWS: CNN’s Tokin’ New Year’s Eve Coverage Went Off The Rails

Dick Clark was once the legendary longtime host of the iconically named “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve”, CNN hosts are now mutilating that legacy with their own version:  Tokin’ New Year’s Eve.

One of the biggest economic stories of 2018 will that of California’s decisions to legalize, and heavily tax, marijuana for recreational use.  Following in the footsteps of Colorado and others, Californians will now be able to legally buy, possess, and imbibe various cannabis products that are still federally prohibited.

While Colorado was a shining example of why this common sense legalization makes good economic sense, the exponential difference in profitability will be tested by California – an enormous state who has long been the illicit, yet de facto, weed capital of the country.

So, given that we’re seeing a nationwide push for the end of pot prohibition, possibly ushering in a new era of gold-rush-style fiscal explosions, how would a “worldwide leader” in news handle breaking the story?

Apparently by acting like teenage stoners.

“CNN put the ‘J’ in journalism Sunday night, with a marijuana-themed New Year’s Eve show many viewers found downright doobie-ous.

“During the beleaguered cable news network’s year-end show from Times Square, reporter Randi Kaye did several, um, ‘hits’ from Denver, where marijuana is legal. At various points, she held a joint, lit a bong, marveled over a special gas mask used by stoners and wondered where she was.

“’This is for you, Andy!’ Kaye said at one point, addressing CNN host Andy Cohen and holding a lit marijuana cigarette out to the camera.

“Cohen, the Bravo star and executive producer of the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise, was hosting with CNN stalwart Anderson Cooper. Kathy Griffin was previously Cooper’s New Year’s Eve partner, but the network dumped her after she made fun of President Trump by holding his mock severed head in a photo shoot.”
All the while, the mainstream media is utterly incensed at having to defend themselves against criticisms from the highest levels of government?  Give us a break.
While CNN’s celebratory tone was completely appropriate, having their reporters doing things that we wouldn’t our children doing is crossing a line that only the fake news media dares to cross.

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