FAKE NEWS: CNN Touts “Peaceful” Protests at G20 Summit

The European continent has been rife with violence as of late, not only emanating from Muslim extremists, but also from the radical left.

Historians will likely look back at 2017 with awe.  There has been a dynamic political shift, thanks in many ways to the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States, and the conservative awakening in America has begun to spread around the world.  Our modern civilization has looked back upon decades of liberal coaxing and coercing, and has righteously refused to travel any further down that treacherous path.  There are pockets of “resistance”, however, and the radical leftists that inhabit those dark recesses have been on a thoroughly terrifying rampage.

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In America, these riotous and raucous maneuvers of the liberal anarchists began while Donald Trump was still campaigning for the republican nomination with violent attacks on his supporters, his venues, and even his motorcade.  Once Trump was elected, the radical left turned their focus to the First Amendment and all manner of conservatism.  Now, as the G20 Summit in Europe wraps up, several news outlets have begun publishing retrospective articles detailing the meeting.

One such outlet decided to rewrite the reality of the G20 protests just outside the door of the venue, however, and you had better believe that this latest installment of Fake News is coming from the originators themselves.

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“CNN claimed peaceful activists demonstrated at the G20 summit and downplayed the violent riots reported by every other news agency.

“’An eclectic and international mix of demonstrators peacefully tramped through the streets of Hamburg on Saturday, a show of anti-capitalist muscle in earshot of the world’s top leaders who were finishing up at the G20 summit,’ the fake news outlet reported.’Up to 50,000 people turned out, police in the northern German city estimated.’

“CNN didn’t even mention the civil unrest that dominated the protests until the 12th paragraph of the article, despite Hamburg looking like a bombed out city of World War II.

“But the rest of the mainstream media did report on Saturday’s violence which CNN glossed over.”

This comes as no surprise to American media watchers, as CNN has been careening off the rails of journalistic relevance for months.

The network is currently embroiled in a war of words with President Trump, and the media outlet is assuredly not succeeding.  In fact, CNN has found itself ranked 10th in ratings among all cable news networks, further cementing the downward spiral that has many believing that their days are numbered.  Even today, as CNN’s website continues to push the hokey Russian-collusion conspiracy theory, the remainder of the “news” media is busy reporting on far more worthy stories.

Much like the World Weekly New and National Enquirer, CNN has moved from being the joke’s punchline to becoming the joke itself.


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