FAKE NEWS: CNN Ignores POTUS Dr. Report, Predicts HEART ATTACK

To reach the depths of desperation that they obviously have, the radical left is working with some next level dignity-suppressing technology.

These misguided millennials have long sought any reason to oppose President Donald Trump, to disparage him, to delegitimize him, or just to seethe against him and his agenda.  These attacks have been bizarre at times, but constantly irritating to the point of frustration for the rest of the nation who is happily agreeing to see out the experiment of this unconventional populist President.

Among these fantastical tales being woven on CNN, MSNBC, and other mainstream outlets is the pervasive theory that Donald Trump is a puppet of the Kremlin, at the beck and call of one Vladimir Putin, therefore disqualifying him from the Presidency.  This is, of course, just the plot of several B-rated action thrillers from the late 90’s that only these leftist youths remember.

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Now, having realized the undeniable uncertainty of their Russia farce, certain segments of the radical left are moving past the Ruskie Ruse and into Hillary Health territory.

Just this week, the left again began invoking the narrative from Michael Wolff’s fictionally embellished retelling of his time in the White House, Fire and Fury.  Their hope was to convince the nation and select democratic leaders that Donald Trump was mentally unfit to serve as Commander in Chief, and that the 25th Amendment should be bastardized in order to remove him from office.

This convoluted and impossible plan was further hindered by the fact that Trump completely aced a cognitive exam performed just days ago, confirming what we knew all along:  The President is far more qualified to serve than the left will ever believe.  And, even though the smaller headline from the President’s checkup included a note about his impeccable physical health as well, the liberal world is now being told that Trump could soon suffer a heart attack.

No, really.

“Host Alisyn Camerota and medical analyst Sanji Gupta declared Trump to be ‘borderline obese,’ predicted he would have a heart attack in ‘3-5 years’ and Gupta concluded the president has heart disease.

“Gupta conceded the BMI ratio is ‘not a perfect ratio by any means,’ but nevertheless, went on to declare Trump ‘borderline obese.’

“’So he’s point-one away from being in the obese category,’ Camerota emphasized.

“After Vice President Joe Biden’s doctor panned CNN’s hysteria, Camerota went back to Gupta.

“Because of Trump’s calcium score, CNN predicted the president will have a ‘heart attack or heart disease’ in ‘3-5 years.’

“But Gupta was more aggressive.

“’So the president has heart disease,’ he declared.”

In order to fully comprehend the stupidity of this assumption, let’s break it down in terms of liberal politicians.  Hillary Clinton was suspected to be ill during the election of 2016, and then subsequently had a pneumonia induced fainting spell, (not a real medical condition, for the record).  Trump, on the other hand, underwent medical and mental testing to put the left’s theory to the test, passed with flying colors, and now has heart disease because CNN said so?

What sort of test can we take to see if we’re allergic to liberal logic?


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