Fake News: CNN Describes Trump Victory as a “National Emergency”

They just won’t let it go. The election it seems was ages ago, but the media is still reeling and trying to find ways to someway invalidate the results and hand the presidency over to its “rightful owner,” Hillary Clinton.

They’re still pushing the Russian hacker conspiracy theory, claiming that Russia – perhaps even Putin himself – rigged our election to install Trump, and secretly spread “fake news” misinformation via a “sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign.”

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Further, they’re wondering whether Trump’s election victory constitutes a “national emergency.”

“We’re talking about a candidate who’s lost in a historic way in terms of the popular vote but clearly won in the Electoral College,” host Brian Stelter said. “Is this something of a national emergency?”

Listen to these people complain with one fake news story after another:


I can’t believe they’re still talking about this. They complain that no one listens to them, and that no one reads their stories. As if they were these voices crying out in the wilderness, trying to sound the alarm of disaster, but no one would listen. Well, maybe that’s because they have no credibility. (Oh, but it’s Russia that’s been undermining their credibility.) And now, they’re coming across as sore losers.

They’re peddling these Russian conspiracy theories and offering no evidence, except hearsay from “anonymous” officials in the “intelligence” field. There’s more evidence for #PizzaGate than there is that Russia rigged the U.S. election. By the media’s own definition, this Russian conspiracy theory is fake news. And it’s old, fake news.


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