FAKE NEWS: ANOTHER CNN Bigshot Calls Russia Story “Nothing Burger”

The left and their lapdogs in the mainstream media have been, for months, attempting to connect Donald Trump’s presidency with the Russian government.

It all began as Hillary Clinton was beginning to slip in the polls during the 2016 presidential election, and began insinuating on national television that Donald Trump was receiving help, in some unknown form, from the Kremlin to get elected.  The assumption that she was attempting to force on Americans was that, if elected, Donald Trump would immediately turn the nation over to Russian control, either overly or covertly, and that he was in league with a foreign nemesis.

Of course, this has all been proven to be nonsense in the ensuing months, but it’s literally all that the democrats and their leftist cohorts have left to attack President Trump with, so they’ve leaned on their media pals to continue to push the phony narrative.

Now, as only Project Veritas could do, we’ve been provided with even more video of CNN head honchos openly admitting that they know that the Russia story is just a big ratings grab, and that there is “nothing” to it.

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“CNN commentator Van Jones called the Russia story a ‘nothing burger’ in the second CNN-related undercover video released by Project Veritas this week.

“’The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger,’ Jones says on the video, apparently unaware he is being filmed. ‘There’s nothing there you can do.’

 “The comments caught on tape aren’t terribly inconsistent with what Jones has said in the past. While Jones has criticized Trump’s lukewarm responses to Russian election interference, he has also gone after the Democrats for using Russia as an excuse for their 2016 failure.”

And this isn’t the first instance of a CNN producer being forced to admit that their Russia coverage is “bulls**t”.  Heck, it’s not even the first time this week that this has been the case.

Just days ago, Project Veritas released undercover video of a CNN segment producer telling someone that they know that there’s nothing to the Russia story, but that it helps them maintain the abysmal ratings that they have been forced to settle for after America’s conservative awakening.

When you combine these destructive admissions with the White House Press Briefing behavior of CNN in recent days, it would come as no surprise to us if the administration were to revoke the press credentials of the world’s leading fake news network to precent further leftist propaganda from being invented and distributed to the malleable masses falling under their leftist spell.

Worse still is the lack of responsibility shown by CNN in their journalistic duties.  In a time when crazed leftists such as James T. Hodgkinson are attempting to assassinate republican congressmen, media outlets such as CNN must tighten up operations to prevent any further blood from staining their divisive and provocative hands.

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