Fake News’ Absurd Claims About AR-15 Mods Get Roasted on Twitter

In the aftermath of any major, firearm-involved tragedy in our nation, the liberal media rushes to vilify any and all guns.

This has been the case for an inordinate amount of time, and no amount of factual remediation seems to fill the knowledge void of the lunatic leftist fringes of our modern society.  The latest code words, “assault weapon”, “AR-15”, and “modifications” are all poised precariously on the tips of the media’s collective tongue this week after a mentally unstable man in Texas attacked his ex in-laws’ church in the San Antonio region.

These “news” outlets have been calling shooter Devin Kelley’s weapon “AR-15-esque”, simply as a way to involve the phrase in their coverage for the sole purpose of demonization.  What the leftist media is willingly omitting, however, is that the citizen hero that fired at and struck Kelley in a gap in his body armor was also using an AR-15, and likely would not have been able to incapacitate the deranged shooter with a lesser weapon.

Furthermore, after the incessant talk about “bump stocks” and other modifiers in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting on October 1st, the media has been in hysterics over the accessories available for these “assault” weapons.

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USA Today even went as far as to suggest that Devin Kelley could have attached a chainsaw to the end of his “assault” rifle.

“USA Today released a video showing that available modifications for an ‘AR-15 style rifle’ include a ‘Chainsaw Bayonet.’ They also listed adding a pump shotgun attachment to the underside of the gun.

“The video was clearly part of the establishment media’s concerted effort to demonize AR-15s by suggesting they are semiautomatics that can be modified into all out war machines.

“The video begins with an image of a basic AR-15 rifle captioned, ‘Texas Church Gunman’s AR-15 Style Rifle.’ The video then proceeds to list possible modifications, including items that were either one-offs or prototypical. USA Today listed so many that they had to follow the video with a disclaimer stating, ‘To clarify, the video shows both the shooter’s modifications, as well as other possible modifications. The shooter did not use a chainsaw bayonet.'”

Enter the internet, who mercilessly lambasted USA Today for their ridiculous hyperbole and blatant agenda.

Responses to the piece showed Photoshopped modifications for an AR-15 that mocked the “news” organization’s insinuation about attaching a chainsaw to the weapon, in which the firearm itself was outfitted with another firearm.  Attached to that second AR-15 was yet another firearm, and so on, and so forth.

But, in order to win the ridiculous argument against the biased media outlet, one Twitter user went above and beyond in his mockery.


Bravo to you, sir.  Bravo.

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