Failing Footballers Flummoxed! Trump “Terrifies” NFL Owners!

While the world around us continues to provoke terrifying images of a third World War and a nuclear confrontation with Russia and/or Iran, Americans often need a bit of respite.

One such bit of R&R that we’ve been indulging in for more than a century is that of sports, and the enjoyment of sports.  Baseball is obviously the national pastime, with the widest spread of teams and the most athletes within the major and minor league systems.  Every American has a team they root for, (Go Braves!), and in many ways, baseball is one of the symbols of America.

Think of the MLB as globally similar to the English Premier League in soccer; it transcends the boundaries of nations to entertain.

The NFL had a real shot at overtaking the MLB in recent years, as the spectacle of the shorter, more important schedule helps to build the drama necessary to keep fans engrossed.  Then, the entire league got Kaepernick-ed.

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Now, the NFL is a bit of a joke, filled with men who have repeatedly shown to be women-beating cowards whose position in society has given them unlimited chances to be wealthy for playing a game.  Micheal Vick is a perfect example, and one that I personally find wholly inexcusable based on my love of dogs.

Now, as the NFL attempts to regain some of their lost revenue and fans, (in that order, don’t forget), team owners and the NFL Commissioner have banned the pathetically misguided “kneeling” protests of the last two seasons.  The surprise announcement came earlier this week, and now we are just now understanding why:  President Trump.

The answer remains clear, according to a variety of league sources: an intense fear of President Donald Trump.

This is a fact. This is the truth. This is the core basis for the NFL’s decision. This has been told to me before, and it was reiterated by several people Wednesday.

“Our league,” one team official said, “is f–king terrified of Trump. We’re scared of him.”

What does the NFL fear? It fears boycotts of games. It fears people not watching its product on television. It fears people not buying its products.

And they’re right.  President Trump, through Twitter, has power that few men on this planet have ever had, and his ability to mobilize the American conservative army at a moment’s notice is an incredible boon to his presidency.

We mustn’t ignore the enormity of this move, either.  This is a preemptive decision made for the sole purpose of ensuring that Roger Goodell’s standard of living never slips out of the upper echelon he has created for himself.

It also creates a crystal clear line in the sand:  You’re either making America great again, or you’re not.  Goodell was not, and the threat of a 140 characters of the Commander in Chief’s scorn was enough o get him back on the Trump Train.

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