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Failing and Flummoxed FBI Haunted By Curse of Comey in Cartel Kerfuffle

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Concerns over America’s intelligence agencies has always been in the backs of the minds of the people of our great nation, but we always knew better than to ask.

That’s not because we didn’t think that we had a right to know; we absolutely do have that right as the sole source of revenue for the federal government.  No, never really inquired into the deep, dark dirt of the FBI because, deep down, we didn’t want to know.  We understood explicitly what it means to be afforded the freedoms that we continue to have, and that the price of these freedoms may be more than we’d care to know.

There’s a reason why the folks who work for the FBI are called “spooks”; they are ghostly, sometimes ghastly bad omens that sire the seed of your impending doom once spotted.  It’s almost like the old horror movie trope from The Ring, in which, after seeing a mysterious video tape one time, you have only 7 days to the minute until you expire from this earthly plane.

Similarly, once you are aware that you’ve been in the presence of the FBI, your days are likely numbered.

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So we would often let the FBI just, sort of, do its thing…whatever that thing is.  Then, just two years ago, they betrayed America.

We are, of course, speaking of their investigation into the story of Hillary Clinton’s illegal and immoral private email server used during her time as Secretary of State.  This unsecured network was handling thousands upon thousands of emails with highly classified material contained within, meaning that any number of simply competent hackers could have snatched up all of that American secrecy at the drop of a hat.

For that willing and purposeful exposure of risk to the entire nation, Hillary was mildly scolded by the FBI as the nation looked on in sheer shock.  There was no way that Hillary Clinton was going to get away with this sort of thing again, was there?  It turns out that the answer is undoubtedly yes, and then some.

That was all thanks to a familiar face on television recently, former Chief of the FBI James Comey, who was fired by President Trump for just this very incompetence.  Now, a whole new slew of horrific claims regarding Comey’s earlier capers are coming to light, and it is not looking good for the former head spook.

A high-ranking operator was able to continue climbing the ladder of the Juarez Cartel and supposedly ran a human slaughterhouse while being a U.S. informant. The actions of the former Mexican cop turned U.S. asset in the early 2000s could have been stopped by then-Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Comey who, along with other high ranking officials at the time, did nothing in response. After his time as an informant was done, the man received asylum and moved to New York where he allegedly terrorized and kidnapped a local woman.

New information revealed that in 2004, Comey was warned about growing concerns regarding an out-of-control Juarez Cartel informant that may have taken part in murders while receiving more than $224,000 from the U.S. government, WFAA reported. Comey, the former director of the FBI, recently tweeted about the use of “Confidential Human Sources” and how they are tightly regulated. However, the case of Ramirez Peyro appears to cast doubt about those controls.

Despite claims against ever committing homicide directly, Ramirez Peyro was present in multiple murders and was reportedly in charge of a cartel slaughterhouse where victims were tortured, murdered, and disposed of; all while informing for U.S. agents. The house that Ramirez Peyro was in charge of was dubbed the “house of death” after authorities found 12 bodies buried underground.

How Comey continued to rise through the ranks and eventually lead the Federal Bureau of Investigation after all of this will be a question that nation will need an answer to in the coming weeks.

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