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Facts Hillary Hopes Voters Won’t Remember on Election Day!

Did you know Hillary Rodham was raised in a conservative household?  She campaigned for both Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater in her hometown of Chicago when they ran for President in the 1960 and 1964.  During her college years, Hillary’s views changed taking a radical turn to the left.

Hillary and Bill may be the first first couple who lived together before they were married.

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When Hillary married Bill in 1975, she kept her father’s last name, Rodham, which upset her mother and mother-in-law.  She eventually changed it to Clinton in order to appeal to traditional voters.

Hillary was hired as a congressional investigator during the Watergate scandal which brought down President Richard Nixon.  Dan Calabrese, a writer for North Star, claims he interviewed Hillary’s supervisor, life-long Democrat Jerry Zeifman, in which he stated Hillary was fired from this position due to unethical behavior.  This account is contested by Hillary supporters including the left-leaning website Snopes.com.

The power and action in the White House emanate from the West Wing.  Traditionally, the Office of the First Lady was located in the East Wing.  Hillary had the Office of the First Lady moved to the West Wing during her husband’s first term.

Remember filegate?  The Clinton White House had illegally obtained numerous FBI files on those they considered enemies.  As a result, Bill and Hillary hold the distinction of being the first and only first couple fingerprinted by the FBI.

Hillary also holds the distinction of being the only first lady in the history of the United States to receive a subpoena by a court conducting a criminal investigation.  That investigation is known as the Whitewater scandal.

When Bill was governor of Arkansas back in the 1990s, his pay was $35,000 a year.  Hillary made three times that amount working as an attorney.

After graduating from Yale Law School, Hillary took the bar examine for Washington, D.C. and failed.  She tried her luck in Arkansas and passed.  She practiced law in the state until Bill was elected President in 1992.

While a Senator, Hillary received an 8-million-dollar advance for her autobiography “Living History.”  The irony being, Hillary criticized Newt Gingrich for receiving an advance on his book just a few years earlier.  Her advance was twice the amount as the one Gingrich received.  Due to pressure from Democrats, including the Clinton White House, which claimed the then Speaker of the House was using his public office to fill his pockets, Gingrich returned his advance.  Hillary, on the other hand, kept hers.

The birther conspiracy, the charge that President Obama was not born in this country and was, therefore, unqualified to be President, was not started by the vast right-wing conspiracy, but the 2008 Clinton Presidential campaign.

Though she claimed that she and Bill were “dead broke” after they left the White House, the last sixteen years have been good.  According to Forbes, they estimate the couple’s net worth at 45 million dollars.

Hillary often rails against Wall Street.  What she doesn’t want voters to know is how much Wall Street loves her and the money they have given to her campaign.

Hillary and Bill have been involved in more scandals than just about any other politicians in the history of the country.  Scandals include Whitewater, travelgate, filegate, cattle futures, death of Vince Foster, Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan collapse, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, illegal campaign contributions, sniper fire in Bosnia, theft of national property, Benghazi, and the most recent email scandal.

Hillary Clinton also holds the distinction of being the only former Secretary of State investigated by the FBI for criminal wrongdoing while serving in that position.

On and on and on.

And with this torrid past, Hillary still has the audacity to question the trustworthiness of Donald Trump.  Go figure!

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