In Fact… Hillary Clinton Lied to Congress

In no uncertain terms Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) recently made it clear, that, in his opinion, Hillary Clinton lied to Congress and should be locked behind bars. Senator Paul was speaking to Eric Bolling of Fox News when he commented that any other American citizen in Hillary Clinton’s position would have been arrested, faced trial, and likely forced to serve a prison sentence. He also argued that in the wake of Clinton’s escape from justice over her private server, she should have to face justice for her improprieties while serving as Secretary of State.

Watch below:

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Eric Bolling: You’re the only U.S. Senator who has said she should be locked up, why do you say that?

Rand Paul: I’m a big believer in equal protection under the law. Whether you’re rich or poor. White or black. Everyone should be treated the same under the law. I represent a lot of soldiers in Kentucky, Fort Campbell and Fort Knox. Every one of those soldiers knows they can’t take classified information and have it on their personal computer. And they know there won’t be any exceptions. They will be prosecuted, they’ll be put in a brig, they’ll be stripped of their rank, and they’ll be booted out of the military.

I don’t think it’s fair to hold our soldiers, many of them enlisted men and women, to one standard and then say to Hillary Clinton “oh well, she can do whatever she wanted.” 

I think anybody else in this situation would have been prosecuted, including General Petraeus, who had a similar situation where classified information was not where it was supposed to be and other people had access to it. They didn’t do anything to give him a break, he was prosecuted. I think it’s very unfair that Hillary Clinton wasn’t prosecuted. This is one among several reasons why I think that her dishonesty should preclude her from being considered for Commander in Chief.

Eric Bolling: Julian Assange, who has Wikileaks, says there are some emails that pretty much tie Hillary Clinton to knowing about some weapons that may have been going through Libya to some of the ISIS fighters… Now if Wikileaks in fact does have emails proving that she did know what does that mean to you?

Rand Paul: It’s a felony to lie to Congress. You can get five years in prison. And we can’t continue to say the Clintons are above the law. I do believe that the CIA annex in Benghazi was procuring weapons, some of them to get them away from the jihadists in Libya. But some of it to ferry those weapons through Turkey, into Syria. 

There have been many, many first hand accounts, The New York Times, London Times, Washington Times have all reported on this… I find it hard to believe that Hillary Clinton, who all the news report have said she was the biggest advocate for arming the Islamic rebels in Syria, many of them turned out to be not only enemies of ours, some of them also turned out to be enemies of Israel.

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