Facebook’s Selective Blocking Fits Sanders’ Social Marxist Ideology

On November 25, 2015 Examiner.com’s Renee Nal wrote an expose on Trevor Loudon’s documentary, The Enemy Within, which in part, exposes the Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ social Marxist ideology. A few days later Facebook blocked the article without offering an explanation.

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“The New Zealand native is working with Iowa-based Director Judd Saul on the film The Enemies Within, which seeks to expose anti-American ties in the federal government. Loudon believes that a minority of radicals are responsible for unconstitutional and damaging policies that have been imposed on Americans for decades, a trend that has greatly accelerated under the Obama administration,” Nal wrote.

Several Facebook pages posted her article and also found that the link was blocked (here and here, two of many examples). Facebook “likes” of the article were frozen at 572.

Nal then wrote another article exposing Facebook blocking her article. She also posted a screen grab image of the removed post from certain Facebook pages, including one of the largest groups to have a page on Facebook, the Tea Party:


Shortly thereafter Facebook unblocked her initial article.

ConservativeFiringLine.com has documented many many examples of Facebook’s selective censorship and shenanigans. In 2013, for example, Facebook briefly blocked Kirk Cameron’s movie “Unstoppable,” for which it later unblocked it and apologized.

Of course, Facebook generally does not reverse itself unless it receives a tremendous amount of pressure from the public.  Most who are banned or blocked on Facebook are not given an explanation for being blocked and in quite a few cases, if a reason is given it is highly questionable or completely false.

It’s unknown why Facebook blocked Nal’s article or why it reversed its decision and then unblocked it.

One thing is clear: Facebook is on the warpath, and conservatives appear to be its primary target.

The irony is that Facebook’s actions are compatible to Sanders’ Marxist ideology: a supreme authority selectively controls who disseminates what information, when, for how long, and to whom.

Joe Newby writes for ConservativeFiringLine.com.

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