Facebook and Twitter Facing Massive Fines From German Government


Germany has been in the midst of a dangerous and precarious situation involving terrorism, refugees, and free speech for the better part of 6 months.

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While the people of Germany have been busy berating their Chancellor Angela Merkel over her unbelievably careless decision to allow unfettered access to the nation for refugees of the Middle East, the German government has been busy deflecting those concerns by blaming internet entities such as Facebook and Twitter for not working hard enough to curb hate speech on their platforms.  Deutschland has seen its fair share of terror attacks in the months following the massive refugee relocation program, and by attempting to pin that carnage on social media, the German government has betrayed their constituents.

“A German government minister is warning social media giants like Facebook and Twitter that they could soon face massive daily fines for failing to do enough to prevent ‘illegal’ content from being posted online, including ‘hate speech’ and ‘fake news.’

“According to the New York Times, Heiko Maas, Germany’s minister of justice and consumer protection, is proposing a law that would impose hefty fines — as much as the equivalent of $53 million per day — if they do not implement controls to prevent private users from posting speech that falls under the German government’s strict definition of ‘hate speech,’ as well as terrorist propaganda and false news stories. According to a statement released with the proposed legislation, companies would be required to respond faster to complaints about allegedly illegal content and to remove ‘obviously criminal content’ within 24 hours. Posts that are less obviously illegal under German law would have to be removed within seven days.”

Certainly, Germany’s problems do not lie solely with Jihadists utilizing social media for their nefarious purpose, and this redirection by the German government is simply a smoke screen to keep Angela Merkel out of the hot seat for a while longer.


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