Facebook Rolls Out New “False News” Reporting Option


Facebook has taken the next, predictable step in their efforts to weed out opinions that they don’t agree with on their massive social media platform.

The website, which is one of the most heavily-trafficked properties in all of the world wide web, has long been beholden to the leftist beliefs of owner Mark Zuckerberg.  For years, Facebook employed a team of content managers whose sole job it was to prevent conservative news sites from reaching “trending” status on the site, no matter what the reality of the number were.  Certain conservative outlets were flagged for dismissal of the sites trending algorithm, or hand-removed by their staff of trained censorship artists.

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Now, with a conservative uprising in full swing in the United States, and pressure from other internet behemoths such as Google, Facebook is getting involved in the “fake news” debacle with a new feature on the site that will allow users to report stories that they believe are possibly false.

“On Wednesday, the social media giant informed its users of several techniques to help ‘stop the spread of false news.’

“The list recommends 10 ways users should verify the truthfulness of an article, including being ‘skeptical of headlines,’ looking out for ‘unusual formatting’ and checking to see if anyone else is reporting the story.

“’If you see a story in News Feed that you believe is false, you can report it to Facebook,’ the website says, describing exactly how to mark a post as ‘false news.’

“In user news feeds, suspected fake news stories will also be marked with a note stating, ‘Disputed by 3rd Party Fact-Checkers,’ meaning third party organizations such as The Washington Post, ABC News, or Snopes have investigated and flagged the article.”

Facebook was smart to move ever so slightly to “false news” instead of “fake news”, given that the latter has been thoroughly lambasted by the unbiased free press as a term du jour being utilized by the left for censorship purposes.

Once again, we are left wondering if Facebook can still be considered a self-governing entity, given the size and scope of the device itself.  There are no direct competitors to the social media powerhouse, and it affects a disturbing percentage of our society.  Zuckerberg’s crude and slanted censorship is truly an injustice to Free Speech in America, with his liberal minions acting as the de facto judge, jury, and hangman in cases of possible “false news”.

Facebook has grown to an enormous size, but does that mean it should still be allowed to operate as a private entity when it comes to the First Amendment?

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