Facebook Releases New Guidelines for Advertising, Bordering on Fascism

As Americans continue to cultivate a healthy distrust of the mainstream media, Facebook is looking to curate a world view by censoring ideologies with which they disagree.

Facebook, whose meager beginnings as a collegiate message board blossomed into an unwieldy internet leviathan seemingly overnight, has long been leaning to the far left at the behest of owner and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  The platform, which is arguably the most visited site on all of the internet, has previously employed teams of censors to monitor their own trending algorithm to make certain that conservative new sites were wholly excluded in a blatant attempt to affect the advertising revenue of these right-leaning publishers.

Worse still, Facebook has allowed users to “flag” content that they find offensive, opening the door for social justice twerps and liberal snowflakes to wage war on the First Amendment.

Now, however, it seems that Zuckerberg and company are committing wholesale to the idea of tyrannical censorship with vague and broad new “guidelines” that allow the web resource to restrict just about anything that they wish.

“In a blog post released today, Facebook says it will change its guidelines on who can earn money through Facebook, as well as what kinds of content are acceptable to monetize.

“First, the company says it’s laying out a new set of guidelines on what violates its policies for monetization programs like Branded Content and Instant Articles. Those rules go from the general — a ban on depictions of death, even if used for ‘educational’ purposes — to the more specific: the first bullet on the list is a ban on the use of children’s characters engaged in ‘violent, sexualized, or otherwise inappropriate behavior.’ Other monetization bans extend to depictions of violence or explicit acts.

“But one part of the rules may generate the most controversy. Facebook says it will ban anything that ‘promotes attacks on people or groups,’ but that ban extends even to publishers promoting that content ‘in the context of news or awareness purposes.’ A similar rule applies to depictions of ‘tragedy and conflict.’ As news publishers continue to try earning money through Facebook, the guidelines may once again raise questions about Facebook’s responsibilities. The rules, if taken as written, would seem to bar the monetization of news content with a high public service value, like the depiction of war crimes — depictions of ‘natural disasters’ is cited specifically.”

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Facebook, and their leftist leadership, are simply and unforgivably attempting to rewrite reality.

By installing these far too obtuse rules, Facebook is looking to justify their perversion of the First Amendment, and have caved to the radical left which they adore.  By stamping out the ability for Americans to express their opinions and thoughts, the original social network has somehow justified this neo-Fascism in the eyes of the globe’s young people.  Soon, a generation of pure sheep will inherit the earth, and the lessons of history will no longer be prolific enough to save them from total annihilation at the hands of rampant liberalism.

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