Facebook Joins Leftist Gun Hysteria with Video Censorship

Like clockwork, the liberals of our nation have begun calling for stricter gun legislation in the aftermath of Sunday’s massacre in Las Vegas.

This predictable and unsurprising maneuver has been touted by not only the democrats on Capitol Hill, but also by a litany of leftist celebrities who are using their considerable influence over the malleable millennial generation to steer the national narrative.

Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert and others have long been known as shills for the democratic establishment, but their position within the “old” media formats has limited their reach in our modern, digital age.  That is why Facebook is now such an important tool of those looking to alter or repeal the 2nd Amendment.

The deluge of information being made public in regard to Stephen Paddock’s unhinged rampage has created a cottage industry of spin via the internet.  As the left continues to stoke the fires of anti-Constitutional action, many Americans are turning to their own personal online space to refute the bogus claims of these uninformed anti-patriots.  One such man is Facebook user Andy Orlando.

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Orlando, a firearm enthusiast, created a hilarious video that lambast the left’s belief that semi-automatic weapons can somehow be retrofitted to fire in fully automatic ways.  While there is no such device on the market, (even the “bump stocks” currently being vilified by democrats require one trigger pull per round), Andy’s video pokes fun at all the ways in which the left completely misunderstands firearms.

We would link you to the video, but Facebook has disabled its embedding on account of “gore”…which the video contains none of.

“Facebook censored a pro-gun video of a user mocking the hysteria around how ‘easy’ it allegedly is to convert rifles to automatic fire.

“The censored video doesn’t show violence or gore. It shows Facebook user Andy Orlando disassembling a rifle and handgun while joking about converting them to automatic fire.

“In reality, he made the weapons completely useless. He pulled the slide spring out of his Sig handgun, and removed the bolt carrier group from his AR-15 rifle. The AR-15 is 100 percent not capable of firing a shot, and the handgun could perhaps get one shot off if a person could hold the slide shut.”

Of course, Facebook simply censored the video’s sharing preferences because it contained imagery of a firearm.

The social media giant has long stood accused of aiding and abetting the neo-Fascists of America’s political left, and this latest move certainly sets a new standard for Facebook’s wanton manipulation of the truth.

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