Facebook Fail: Social Media Miscreants Mistake Satire for Reality

The consolidation of power may be the most intrinsically evil maneuver in the history of mankind, and Facebook’s stranglehold on the media is nothing less than sinister.

The social media platform started life as a novel and sovereign platform for every user.  Suddenly, our voices and opinions were not only being broadcast to the world at large, but they were being disseminated with no qualifiers outside of their own chronology.

It was uncensored, unweighted, and the epitome of free.

But then something peculiar occurred, and suddenly, the data behind our preferences on the internet become ultimately valuable.

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By all accounts, the internet was becoming the new television, which was itself the new radio.  We can take this analogy back as far as we’d like, through the idea of newspapers, books, and oral traditions such as fairy tales.

As such, the highly meticulous and well-funded world of advertising was primed and ready to descend upon our latest cultural obsession in order to compel us to spend our hard-earned money with them.  On the internet, that meant understanding the way that Americans use the internet – something that Facebook had unparalleled insight into.

So, the social media magnates began to weight and redistribute content in order to maximize their data sets.  Those most compelled to engage fully on the world wide web have been millennials, by far, big that they are the first generation that has never experience life without the amenity.

Millennials are being courted heavily by the radical left and the democrats, meaning that, in order to maximize the totality of their data sets, and therefore their profits, Facebook has embraced the millennial mindset for the sake of profit.

This, in turn, means that Facebook is not catering to the conservative and traditional viewpoints, and instructing their algorithms to make millennials happy and active on the platform in order to maximize profits once again.

And that is why Facebook, as a very literal broadcaster of the new media, must be kept in check for First Amendment infringements – something that clearly isn’t occurring.

“Christian satire site The Babylon Bee received a terse warning from Facebook this week after the ‘independent fact-checkers’ at Snopes reported that one of the site’s humor articles was ‘false.'”

Of course it was false.  It’s satire.

The offending headline was absurd to begin with:

“The story in question pokes fun at CNN with the headline: ‘CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine To Spin News Before Publication.’ Anyone with even a sliver of a funny bone tucked away behind their appendix would know that it wasn’t a serious news piece, but, alas, the humorless dolts at Snopes had to spell out the obvious.”

How on earth Snopes believed that this article was serious calls into question any credibility that the “fact checking” site once had.

Furthermore, that sheer absurdity of Facebook allowing this nonsense to pass quality control begs he question:  Can Facebook be trusted with the data that that have so carelessly pilfered?

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