Facebook Facing Mass Exodus Over Lopsided Censorship and Bias

Facebook is in serious trouble…not only with the President, but with the American people as well.

The world’s most popular website has become a lighting rod as of late thanks to their controversial stifling of free speech in the United States.  The social media platform has not only been adamant in their banning of conservative voices from their network, but have been incredibly defiant when confronted by the evidence of such.

In many ways, the American people look to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg now as authoritarian idols, straight from the pages of an Orwellian horror piece.  The sheer bias of the network is alarming, to say the least, and is akin to both Nazi book burning and the isolationist regime of North Korea at the same time.

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Now, after the President has begun to call them out, new polls show that the nation is hitting Facebook where it hurts:  In their user base.

The Media Research Center (MRC) today released a new poll conducted by McLaughlin & Associates gauging self-described conservatives’ attitudes toward Facebook and other social media companies.

According to the poll, one-third (32%) of self-described conservative Facebook users have left or are considering leaving Facebook due to political censorship. Two-thirds (66%) of conservatives agreed they do not trust Facebook to treat its users equally regardless of their political beliefs. Another two-thirds (65%) of self-described conservatives believe social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are purposely censoring conservatives and conservative ideas from their platforms.

Facebook, who generates revenue by selling your browsing data to advertisers, will certainly feel the effects of users abandoning the platform, but will the young and brash Mark Zuckerberg be able to admit such a reality before his empire implodes?

This is yet to be seen, but, for the time being, a close eye should be kept on the stock price of the social media behemoth, as an opportunity to buy low may be on the horizon.

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