Facebook Continues Censorship of Conservative Views, YouTube Follows Suit


The fight for the First Amendment continues to invade the liberal corners of the internet, with sites such as Facebook and YouTube maintain their course toward fascism.

Facebook creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has consistently punished conservative Americans who use his gargantuan site for promotion.  Not only has Facebook previously employed a team of censors to remove any conservative content from the “Trending Topics” section of the social media platform, Zuckerberg has foolishly jumped into bed with the childish and biased “fake news” crowd, who invented a phenomenon for the sole purpose of destroying their political enemies’ ability to spread information.

Facebook, like YouTube and others, is still not considered an avenue of broadcasting, although they have launched several iterations of software designed exclusively for broadcasting, and therefore are allowed to privatize the opinions of their users.  This has led to a nonsensical segregation of conservatives on the internet, even in the wake of a presidential election that clearly demonstrated the power of the right-wing in America.

Now, one conservative-leaning video blogger has taken Facebook to task for their unwillingness to allow him to express his opinions amongst his followers.

“Over the weekend, Facebook and YouTube shushed right wing vlogger Mark Dice, effectively crushing his First Amendment rights.

“Facebook said no dice to the San Diego YouTuber after he declared that the transgender mom in a new Baby Dove soap commercial made him ‘want to puke.’ The social media medium said Dice’s remarks violated their “community standards.” They shut him down for 24 hours.

“In the ad, the baby’s mother is a woman who was previously a man.

“’This is the latest instance of Orwellian censorship of conservatives,’ Dice told The Mirror over Twitter DM. ‘Even more troubling is that it was kind of a joke. I mean, Irish Spring is a competitor’s soap, and I just said I was going to need it to clean up my puke due to the Dove commercial making me ill (which I do find sickening).’”

Facebook has since reinstated Dice’s account and sent what appears to be a sincere apology to the media figure.

YouTube, however, remains opposed to Dice and, at the time of this writing, have not reinstated the monetization of his account.

These examples of financial stifling and speech censorship by leftists is yet another terrifying indicator of the liberal fascism that has invaded our media in this nation.  Make no mistake about it, cable news is not the only form of media available to We The People, with Facebook and YouTube being some creators’ only outlet for their conservative content.  By continuing to allow these two massive social media sites to actively denounce the opinions of half of our nation, we are no better than those who appeased fascism in our past.

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