Facebook Continues Anti-Christian Crusade in Gay Pride Emoji Fight

Facebook has continued to flaunt their liberal aesthetics in 2017 with the addition of a rainbow “pride” reaction option for status updates.

While that has inherently little harm, other than its purposefully provocative use against conservatives, Facebook’s continued refusal to respect or recognized the wishes of American’s vast conservative majority has turned ugly.  The social media leviathan has been openly backing the radical left with massive bouts of anti-republican censorship and stifling, openly admitting that they are culling conservative viewpoints from their trending algorithm to better suit the opinions of owner Mark Zuckerberg.  Worse still is the fact that the unregulated site has used its continued growth to affect the livelihood of many businesses and their employees by refusing to allow them the same publication rights as more liberal businesses, burying or deleting content that would otherwise drive customers to them.

Now, as Facebook quickly integrated a gay pride flag “reaction” emoji for status updates, many Christians are asking the site for a cross or crucifix reaction emoji, citing their wish to send thoughts and prayers to those whose statuses are in need of such emotion.  Facebook, as one would expect from a lunatic leftist organization, has simply refused.

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“Facebook has refused to cave in to demands by Christian evangelicals to create a cross ‘reaction’ emoji.

“Campaigners are particularly incensed at the lack of a Christ-related miniature symbol after a Pride flag was added to the social media giant’s pictorial lexicon last month.

“Facebook introduced the rainbow-coloured reaction emoji to mark LGBT Pride month on 9 June and ‘celebrate love and diversity’.

“But on 24 June, Hikmat Hanna posted an image asking for a cross reaction emoji as well, which was then shared by evangelist Joshua Feuerstein to his two million followers.

“The post has now been shared over 9,000 times and gathered over 28,000 ‘reactions’ – including over 3,000 rainbow flags. “

Facebook has become the de facto method for asking for spiritual support for many, given its ability to reach friends and family worldwide in a matter of moments.

Mark Zuckerberg has been playing with fire by acting so loose and liberal with a website of such incredible magnitude.  Given the recent controversies surrounding the continued use of Facebook Live to broadcast bullying, rape, and even murder, the platform is headed for regulation by the FCC.  For all intents and purposes, Facebook is a broadcasting entity at this point, and, as such, should be held accountable for their lack of political and theocratic diversity, as well as the images and thoughts that they allow to fester on their servers.

Furthermore, the site has become a hive mind for the radical left.  GOP baseball practice shooter James T. Hodgkinson was an active member of Facebook and joined a great many anti-conservative groups via the site, some of which actively implored users to “hunt republicans”.

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