Facebook is Changing – Here’s what You Need to Know

We’ve been warning you for months about the changes being made behind closed doors at the social media and tech giant companies that handle most of America’s Internet traffic.

Google, Twitter, Facebook, and other companies have been actively searching for new methods to throttle content that they don’t like in an effort to promote content that they prefer. Sometimes the reasons are simply monetary, they can make more money from certain sites than from others, but other times the reasons seem more insidious and anti-freedom.

Well, this past week Facebook made major headlines again when their founder, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that they would be eliminating the news from the newsfeed in their platform. It was a decision that cost Facebook (and their founder) Hundreds of Millions of dollars and they did it anyway. It may sound like a simple change, but in reality what it will do is eliminate most of the conservative media content that many of you come to Facebook to find.

Here’s what Zuckerberg had to say:

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This is a very long winded way of saying – Facebook has decided that they know better than you what kind of content you wish to see each day. That being said, they’ve decided to arbitrarily eliminate most of the non-personal content you’ve been seeing on your newsfeed.

It doesn’t matter if you signed up for that content by “liking” the page. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy seeing that content on your newsfeed. It doesn’t matter if getting your daily news fix is the only reason you use Facebook.

Facebook knows best and so they will now only show you the things that they say you want to see.

Zuckerberg says that they are making these changes to improve the user experience on Facebook. However, the reality is that they are doing it in an effort to “solve a problem.”

The problem emerged in 2016 when conservative websites used social media to help Donald Trump win the White House. Instead of recognizing that the American people were calling for change, the left immediately began searching for scapegoats for their loss. One of the first, you’ll remember, was the assault on “fake news.” What was “fake news?” Anything that didn’t fit the leftwing mainstream media narrative.

Over the last year, Facebook tried various tactics to kill these conservative sites and it worked. Many conservative website that used to serve a role in the public conversation are gone now, many of our friends have moved on to other jobs, and many conservative companies have shifted gears away from publishing conservative content.

2-3 years ago we had less 200,000 likes on our sister site, Eagle Rising. Even so we would routinely reach more than 25 million people in conversation through our Facebook page. Today, Eagle Rising has almost 700,000 followers and yet we can’t even reach them all. How can that be? If our followers can’t see our content even after asking Facebook to let them, how will any new readers find us?

The same thing has happened across the board to dozens of other conservative websites and the changes have had a huge impact on our profit margins and forced companies like ours to streamline, cut costs, or fold altogether.

By killing conservative media organizations, Facebook and the other tech giants (like Google and Twitter), hope to eliminate our voice in the political arena and to take back the monopoly they once had on reporting the news to the American people.

But there is good news, you can help us stop them from killing conservative media.

Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Visit our website(s) at least once a day, every single day. This is the most important way that you can get personally involved in rescuing conservative media from the tech giants looking to shut us up. There’s a big silver lining for you in visiting us directly, too. If you usually come to our site(s) via Facebook then you are probably only seeing a fraction of our great content, and by surfing to the site yourself you’ll discover a world of great articles, commentary, and conversation. If you’re only using Facebook to travel to our site(s) then according to Zuckerberg, you may never go to those sites again.
  2. Interact with our Facebook page and get involved in the conversation with fellow conservatives. Commenting on our posts has a greater impact than “liking” the post. Also, don’t forget to share the stories that you enjoy with friends you think will enjoy them. Remember the more you interact with our posts the greater the chances are that you’ll get to see our content in the future. Also, the more you share our work, the more likely new readers will find their way to us as well.
  3. In Facebook, click the “Following” button, then click the “See First” Link to ensure that our content appears in your feed.                                                                                                   
  4. Follow us on other social media platforms like Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.
  5. Download our app and then you can go directly to the source and read our content whenever you want, right on your smartphone or tablet. For Apple, click here. For Google Play or Android, click here.
  6. At the top and bottom of all of our articles you will see these buttons:

    Click one of those buttons whenever you can to help share our content.
  7. Finally, the easiest thing you can do is to subscribe to our daily emails. Then we’ll send you our articles each and ever day and you won’t need to worry about remembering to find us each day, because we’ll remind you… for free!

We’ll soon be adding a Constitution “group” to our Facebook page, to help keep the conversation going without interference Facebook. We’ll also be adding a Instant Messenger list that will let us get you the most important news updates even when Facebook tries to keep us apart.

If you care about conservative media and you want to make sure that mainstream liberal media isn’t the only voice reporting the “news,” then please join with us to fight back. We need and appreciate your support.

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